Solving the Headaches of Network Security in Wireless Collaboration

In a Commercial Integrator & TechDecisions webinar sponsored by Barco, learn how some wireless collaboration tech is evolving to meet IT network demands.

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Wireless Collaboration

Wireless collaboration has become a necessity for many organizations. Corporate spaces require wireless presentation solutions in every huddle room, conference room, and boardroom. Education spaces utilize wireless presentation in classrooms containing kindergartener’s and PhD candidates alike.

Hospitality environments, government buildings, and museums alike utilize wireless presentation to different ends – hosting corporate events, discussing bids on new proposals and projects, or presenting on exhibits to name a few examples.

Wireless collaboration is being utilized in many different ways. The one constant when it comes to wireless presentation? They can be a headache for the IT department when the solution isn’t properly secured. Poor cybersecurity protocols put the network at risk – in fact cybercrime has racked up a global cost of over $2.1 trillion in 2019 alone.

Few wireless presentation solutions hold the same cybersecurity certifications as IT hardware, yet IT departments still need to connect these solutions to their networks. It’s a dangerous task that put IT departments on edge, and rightfully so.

Webinar: Wednesday, October 9th at 2:00 PM EST

Then there’s the potential headache of ease of use. It’s bad enough that a wireless presentation solution could result in a cyberattack that costs a company millions.

It’s exponentially more frustrating when IT departments are constantly called to meeting spaces to help laymen users connect to complicated wireless presentation systems – wasting the time of those in the meeting and those in the IT departments that are constantly being called.

In a joint Commercial Integrator and TechDecisions webinar, viewers will learn how wireless collaboration solutions today are evolving, adhering to more stringent cybersecurity methodologies, and even earning certifications to prove it.

The bulk of the webinar will focus on the need for cybersecurity when it comes to these devices, while attendees will also learn about the benefits of ease of use for laymen employees. Believe it or not, usability does not need to be sacrificed in order for security to be strong – and you’ll learn how in the webinar.

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Solving the Headaches of Network Security in Wireless Collaboration