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The Case for Audio Making or Breaking Video Communication

Originally recorded live on 12/07/16, this free webcast educates integrators on how Converge Pro 2 can ensure quality audio for conferencing and video communication.

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We’ve all been there.

The video meeting starts off well enough. The screen is large. Picture looks great.

“Wow, can you believe how easy it was to connect and how great this looks?”

“What’s that? … You can’t hear me? … I can’t hear you either.”

There is a tendency to get caught up in the sexiness of video. It’s justified. Video technology has transformed how organizations meet and exchange ideas. It has revolutionized how work gets done and allowed us to rely less on physical office spaces.

As cool as video calls are, they’re literally useless without audio.

Sometimes audio gets bumped down the priority list when planning and designing meeting room solutions for conferencing.

This free webinar explores best practices for factoring in audio. AVI-SPL senior design engineer Dick Tollberg offers tips on how to design a system that includes enough emphasis on audio.

ClearOne technical trainer Ron Lynch walks through the benefits of CONVERGE Pro 2 Professional Audio DSP which can address a lot of meeting room audio challenges.

For the folks who design conferencing solutions, this is a can’t-miss webcast. CI editor Tom LeBlanc interviews these audio experts to unveil concrete takeaways toward making sure you don’t let poor audio sabotage another video call.

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