The Forward-Thinking Integrator’s Guide to Content Creation

Originally recorded live on February 8, 2017, you’ll be able to watch the On-Demand version of this webcast and learn the first step toward creating revenue and happy customers with content creation.

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Content Creation

You don’t have to create content for your customers’ digital signage solutions.

If you don’t, however, you’re risking a lot more than simply leaving some money on the table.

Integration firms that position themselves as being able to solve their customers’ digital signage strategies simply are not accomplishing that when they don’t provide the content side of the solution.

Put yourself in the customers’ shoes.

When it comes to digital signage, is it the hardware, the media server or the displays that excites them?

None of the above. It’s the content.

However, most integration firms don’t have the creative expertise in-house to deliver content solutions to their customers.

Those firms, however, can lean on a partner such as Almo Pro A/V to leverage its Almo Content services without missing a step with their customers.

In this free webinar panelists from Almo Pro A/V, content creation company Insteo and integrators discuss best practices for content creation. The conversation zeros in on the integration market, the fact that most firms aren’t currently equipped to create content and identifying quick steps toward bringing that capability on board.

Whether you’ve never offered content,  you’re a content newbie,  you’re a content veteran looking for best practices tips …

You don’t want to miss this free webcast.

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