Webinar: When to Choose Projectors over Flat Panels

Projectors still have a prominent place in professional AV. This free webcast offers 10-plus factors to consider when choosing between projectors and flat panels.

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Our webinar will make a case for why purchasing projectors for display systems everywhere from the boardroom to the lobby can be the better choice in many situations. We’ll also offer advice on how to choose the right projector for different spaces.

That all might seem obvious to the typical technology manager, but what’s far less obvious is how to actually determine what size you need. You might know that you want to create an impact when users walk into the room, but that doesn’t mean you should install a 100-inch display into a huddle room.

There are also all kinds of technical considerations to take into account. The viewing angles of potential users in boardrooms, for example. The brightness from natural sunlight spilling into the room. If you have a video wall hanging in your lobby ten feet above where people walk and they have to crane their neck just to get a warped image view of it, is that creating the kind of impact you want?

What about the content on the screen? A 65-inch flat panel display in a twenty-foot conference room is perfect when you’re videoconferencing, but throw a spreadsheet up there and you’ll start getting complaints of headaches from users straining to see from the opposite end of the room.

Webinar was recorded live on April 18th – Click here to watch webinar now!

Often when technology managers are tasked with purchasing displays for boardrooms or digital signage systems, they immediately picture flat panels. However, implementing displays in your organization is far different than buying a TV for your living room.

Projectors are the perfect fit to meet the challenges of today’s evolving workplace. In huddle rooms, conference rooms, boardrooms, lobbies, and even in the hallway, projectors offer the flexibility and range to solve myriad problems you’ll face when searching for the perfect display. From reduced costs to customization and even space considerations, projectors fare better than flat panel displays in many situations.

Don’t believe us? In a joint webinar from Commercial Integrator and TechDecisions, presenters from Epson and AVI-SPL will convince you that projectors are the better option. From size and space restrictions that projectors can work around, to superior cost and maintenance needs for projectors, to size and visibility ranges, projectors are able to do things that flat panels simply can’t.  We’ll even go so far as to explain how you should go about choosing the right projector for your space.

The webinar was recorded live on April 18th. Sign up for our webinar today and learn how projectors can save you money, accomplish your goals, and get you recognition from the stakeholders that put you in charge of implementing displays.

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Webinar: When to Choose Projectors over Flat Panels