The Knock-out A/V Control Solution for Meeting Rooms

Overture from Barco

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Overture is an effective enterprise-wide A/V Control software solution. It controls and monitors all connected devices in your meeting rooms in multiple locations, via visually stunning, highly interactive user interfaces.

The new way to manage all of your company’s A/V devices

Conventional A/V Control solutions use proprietary programming languages and are overwhelmingly hardware-based and distributed. It takes a lot of effort, by specialized – usually third-party – personnel, to set up such a system. In other words, conventional solutions are time-consuming and very expensive.

Time to meet Overture – a software-based solution that uses your company’s normal network infrastructure to manage all of your company’s A/V devices. And because you configure the system instead of programming it, Overture can be set up much more quickly and easily.

End users and meeting participants get a great A/V Control system that makes setting up all A/V equipment in the room a piece of cake. IT and facility staff get to work with a system that is easy to implement and maintain, with less overhead and fewer in-room interventions. And the financial department is pleased with the system’s very low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Configuring, not programming

Overture uses the company’s standard IP network. To add a device, you simply connect it to the IP network, configure it with the web-based software … and that’s it. The software follows a natural and logical way of working, which means that every IT or facility team member can handle it.

Many devices – ranging from projectors and displays, to lighting, to collaboration and teleconference equipment – are already pre-configured inside the system. The system knows which variables can be controlled, so that, when you add a projector to a room, you can automatically change its light output and other parameters without any additional programming.

Welcoming everybody

As a web-technology based system, Overture has a number of interesting advantages. For example, the meeting room’s user interface can be controlled by any device that has a network connection and a web browser. In other words, people can control the parameters of the room from their standard smartphones or tablets! A strict security system regulates which users can control which parameters.

Using custom off-the-shelf hardware

In stark contrast to traditional A/V Control systems, Overture does not rely on proprietary hardware. This means that cheaper, thoroughly tested hardware can be used, which further reduces costs and increases reliability. All that is needed is one central server (even for a worldwide system) and a simple computer per site.

Centrally managed

Overture is a software solution that runs on a single central server for the whole company. The IT and facility staff use a web-based interface to monitor and manage all devices in any company location. Actions like on/off toggling, adjusting contrast, and dimming lights can be performed remotely – saving the staff numerous in-room interventions.

Alerts facilitate maintenance

Overture offers the ability to alert the support team when certain events occur. For example, when a projector’s temperature reaches a certain threshold, an alert can be sent to the support staff so that they can (for example) lower the device’s brightness remotely. The alert feature can also be used to calculate the operational hours of a projector’s lamp and notify the staff when the estimated lifetime is reached. This facilitates scheduling preemptive maintenance, which contributes to the equipment’s reliability.

A consistent experience

A key advantage in configuring, rather than programming, the system is that the same user interface is used in every meeting room of your company. It doesn’t matter who set up the system, the control looks the same in all meeting rooms, anywhere in the world.

Easy to expand

Because it’s a modular system, Overture can be expanded without any problem. Just hook up additional devices to the IP network, configure them, and they can be controlled by the Overture system in no time. The same goes for additional meeting rooms or even entire buildings. As long as you can connect them to the network, they can be integrated into the system.

An A/V solution from IT veterans

Overture is designed by the same team that made the Show Control systems of Medialon (a Barco company). This system, tailored to the Theme Parks market, ranges from simple attraction control of lighting and video to Parkwide control, supervision and monitoring. Theme Parks are among the most demanding environments, because of their high level of criticality and guaranteed uptime requirements. Overture is building further on this, and now brings this proven technology to the A/V Control market.

Time to see it in action

Contact Almo’s Barco specialist Rob Ziv to learn more about using Overture as your go-to control solution and how you can take it for a test drive. Schedule your Overture demo with Rob at 888.420.2566 x6589 or