Unilumin Recaps NAB 2024: Broadcast, Virtual Production Solutions & New Micro-LED Products

Published: 2024-04-24
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Unilumin, the Shenzhen, China-based provider of UHD videowall systems, rental and DOOH solutions, showcased its virtual production, broadcast, and COB/MIP technologies at NAB 2024. From April 14-17 2024, broadcast professionals gathered to witness Unilumin’s latest innovations in LED technology.

Unilumin’s Broadcast Solutions at NAB 2024

In the Broadcast Zone stood Unilumin’s Upanel LED displays, which formed the sidewall of the studio setup. These displays were chosen for their exceptional picture quality, high contrast ratio, and wide viewing angles. The result was a sidewall that seemed to come to life, with vibrant colors and details that captivated attendees.

Adding a new dimension to the studio’s visual experience, Unilumin’s UDF series brought to life an extraordinary LED floor display, seamlessly complementing the sidewall installation. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the flooring solution promises a flawless integration and a mesmerizing viewing experience.

According to Unilumin, every aspect of the LED floor was designed with precision and care, ensuring that the display not only enriches the aesthetic appeal of the studio but also elevates the immersive quality of the broadcast. This addition opens up new avenues for creative content placement, significantly enhancing the overall broadcasting experience.

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Unilumin’s Professional Virtual Production Solutions

In the Virtual Production Zone, a breathtaking visual spectacle unfolded with Unilumin’s assembly of 96 UPAD IV 2.6 MM pro LED displays. Unilumin’s curved screen drew visitors into a deeply immersive visual experience, Leveraging DDC technology, the displays delivered extraordinary color reproduction that dazzled the eye, while their low scan rate ensured they were perfectly suited for camera captures. Adding to its appeal, Unilumin highlighted the panels’ lightweight design — each weighing just under 14 lbs (6.3kg) — which streamlined the installation process remarkably.

During the 2024 NAB Show, Unilumin reunited with as many as 18 partners, including Vu and Pixotope, to jointly craft the virtual production exhibition zone. Unilumin says it remains committed to providing exceptional and groundbreaking virtual production solutions. This collaboration ensured a seamless integration of technology and expertise, delivering a more immersive and innovative virtual production experience for the audience.

Unilumin’s New Products Area

Unilumin also unveiled its latest micro-LED technology with the introduction of its new COB and MIP LED products. Accompanying this was its new rental LED offerings, equipped with Unilumin’s proprietary U-shield technology. The advancement promises clients enhanced protection and superior display effects while simultaneously driving down operational costs, say Unilumin.

Strategic partnerships played a key role in Unilumin’s presence at the NAB Show, highlighted by their collaboration with Brainstorm, the Madrid-based innovator in 3D graphics and virtual set solutions for broadcast and feature film production. Inside the Brainstorm booth, visitors were treated to an impressive showcase of Unilumin’s virtual production solutions, brought to life through the use of Unilumin’s LED products.

Collaborations were also a pivotal element of Unilumin’s NAB participation. Inside the Brainstorm booth, the Madrid, Spain-based, 3D graphics and virtual set solutions provider for broadcast, feature film production, exhibited Unilumin’s virtual production solution, leveraging Unilumin’s LED products. The display effects, vividly demonstrated on the booth’s monitors, were a testament to Unilumin’s excellence. This high-quality performance was precisely the reason Brainstorm decided to renew its partnership with Unilumin, says the company.

Unilumin’s participation at the NAB Show reaffirmed the company’s position as a pioneer in LED applications. The company says it’s committed to pushing the boundaries of LED technology and delivering innovative solutions that transform the broadcast industry. Looking ahead, the company says it’s excited about the future of LED displays and the role it will play in shaping it.

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