PPDS Launches Philips Genius Software for Enhanced Classroom Displays

Published: June 24, 2024
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At InfoComm 2024, PPDS, the global provider of Philips Professional Displays, announced the launch of its new, technology agnostic Philips Genius educational software, bringing unrestricted collaborative teaching and learning experiences to any classroom and on any interactive display.

Philips Genius sparks the latest evolution in PPDS’ evolving strategy to power evolution in the classroom, with the company reinforcing its commitment to delivering ‘total solutions’, including both hardware and software, for smarter, elevated learning.

A year in development, Philips Genius – the first in-house educational software from PPDS – is a brand new, GDPR compliant platform, bringing together all-inclusive tools and capabilities for educators to effortlessly create and deliver highly professional and engaging ‘intelligence-led’ lesson plans for smarter and more inspired classroom experiences.

Accelerated Learning

Designed with educators for education and brought together by PPDS’ team of future focused in-house developers, the application brings previously unseen levels of support, not only in delivering elevated classroom experiences for students, also in supporting their own wellbeing, and ensuring a healthier work-life balance.

Frank Trossen, global business development director of education and corporate at PPDS, says, “Philips Genius makes the process of creating highly professional, engaging and feature-rich lesson planning – for all subjects – child’s play. Tutors are unsung heroes, sacrificing many hours of their personal lives, including weekends, to plan, days and weeks ahead, to ensure their lessons are tailored to the needs of each class. A significant focus in developing Philips Genius is around helping to improve the work-life balance for tutors, without compromising on quality or performance.”

He adds, “Philips Genius brings all the tools an educator could need for lesson planning, delivery and classroom display activities, packaged together in one easy-to-access location.”

Philips Genius Software: Fast, Efficient, Effective & Focused

Philips Genius enables educators to create their lesson plans, either directly on an interactive display, or remotely – 24/7 – via a web browser, or a dedicated app, compatible with any Android, Windows and iOS device, for their convenience.

All content is saved to a personal Philips Genius account/library and can be retrieved and displayed on interactive displays with Philips Genius installed within seconds of the educator entering the room. This ensures a speedy and seamless set-up, and consistent experiences in all locations, says PPDS.

Logging in is fast and secure, with educators scanning the on-screen QR code using the camera on their own connected device, or by directly inputting their unique username and password.

Energizing Lessons

Educators have access to a wealth of applications and third-party content, as well as the ability to import/embed YouTube videos, PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and more. Educators can link to other sources and software – including Google Classroom – delivering on both breadth and depth across the curriculum.

Encouraging and facilitating collaboration in the classroom, used together with the Philips Collaboration 4152 and 3152 interactive displays, Philips Genius also brings all the familiarity and functionality of a traditional whiteboard, allowing students to effortlessly – either directly on screen or via their own device – share their ideas and workings. Among the many tools included are digital pencil/pen, highlighter, eraser, images/shapes and lines, ruler, set square (triangle ruler) and protractor.

Additional features, further aiding classroom activities, include a flashlight, calculator, voting application, videoconferencing and much more.

Philips Genius provides instant screen sharing directly on a student’s own personal device in the classroom and at home, if studying remotely.

All content displayed on the screen can be saved and shared directly – via URL or email – with students at the end of each lesson, allowing them to create clear and precise subject notes for easy reference and revision via their OneNote or other filing system.

Patrick VanTreese, director of education sales at PPDS, gave Commercial Integrator a demo at InfoComm 2024. See embedded video below.

Learning without Limits

Available in Q3 – including in EMEA, North America, LATAM, APAC and India – Philips Genius will come pre-installed on all new Philips Collaboration Displays for Education, with users of existing models – including the Philips E-line and Philips T-line Series – available to install for PPDS Wave ProStore users.

Furthering PPDS’ education for all commitment and global Open2 philosophy, Philips Genius is available on a range of other manufacturers’ interactive displays, allowing schools to enjoy consistent experiences in all classrooms.

All Inclusive for Educators

Siddarth Gopal, global director software solutions at PPDS, says, “We understand many schools, colleges, and universities have a mix of displays, rather than a consistent fleet from one manufacturer. Naturally, we would prefer them to use our Philips Collaboration Displays for Education, but our business is about being open and unrestrictive. For that reason, Philips Genius is available to provide the same functionality on other displays, as well as our own.”

Trossen adds, “When it comes to education, there is simply no room for error. As a leading provider of professional displays and dedicated software, we have a moral duty to support students and educators by developing best-in-class solutions that will help to maximize their potential. With Philips Genius, we have listened to the market to understand its frustrations and shortcomings and brought a more intuitive approach to lesson planning and delivery.”

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