Integrator Synergies with Just Add Power Allow AVoIP Excellence

Published: May 10, 2024
Just Add Power technology suits various system types and event spaces, from corporate environments, to houses of worship, to bar/restaurant environments like this. Photo courtesy of American Sound & Electronics.

There’s no denying that AV-over-IP (AVoIP) is one of the hottest trends in our industry today, with integrators and clients alike drawn to its cost effectiveness, reliability and flexibility. One such integrator is American Sound and Electronics, the longest-tenured AV company in the Cincinnati area, its beginnings tracing back to 1946. According to Donald Steely, project manager, some 70% to 80% of the firm’s designs have AVoIP functionality. And he says a decade-long relationship with Just Add Power, the company that introduced AVoIP to the market, is vital to American Sound’s remarkable continuing success.

Turbocharged Growth

In recent years, American Sound’s owner/CEO, Patrick Friend, has turbocharged growth, overseeing a nationwide expansion. The company now has additional offices in Indianapolis, Louisville, Ky., Phoenix and Columbus, Ohio. What’s more, American Sound did $50 million in sales last year. Steely forecasts an additional 15% to 20% growth this year.

Steely credits part of that success to dedicated support before, during and after installations. “The customer understands from our initial meetings the support that they’re going to receive,” he attests. Another key factor is remote monitoring software that ensures system uptime. “We typically know and resolve an issue before the customer recognizes that there is an issue,” Steely declares. But another big part of American Sound’s recipe is its breadth of market coverage, spanning education, healthcare, corporate, professional sports, house of worship, rental and production. And that’s where Just Add Power and AVoIP really shine.

We’ve already established that the vast majority of American Sound’s projects depend on AVoIP functionality, whether for video, audio, USB interaction or control. When he creates and executes designs, Steely needs products that can fit any and every application. That makes Just Add Power especially appealing. Its product ranges (e.g., MaxColor, 3G Ultra, 2G Omega) aren’t pigeonholed to just one market; instead, Just Add Power technology suits various system types and event spaces, from corporate environments, to bar/restaurants, to houses of worship. “A lot of ability: scalability, reliability, flexibility,” he confirms. “[Just Add Power products] can be integrated on a customer’s existing network, or designed on a new network, or use their existing infrastructure.”

Just Add Power Molds to the System

In short, Just Add Power molds itself to meet the system’s needs. “It can be the simplest solution to the most challenging solution,” Steely remarks. “They fit right in there and get a solution that the customer wants.” Similarly, he touts the AVoIP specialist’s configuration software. “It’s an easy, step-by-step guide where an integrator or end user are not intimidated by that technology,” he describes. “They’re comfortable if they have to make any changes.” And it’s all backed by fast, reliable response times via phone, email or text. That level of support is everything for an integrator, whose firm is the onsite “face” of the project — the client’s first call when something goes wrong.

Reliable support is to be expected when you realize that, like American Sound, Just Add Power prides itself on cultivating strong professional relationships. Steely recounts a project story involving Taft Stricklin and Jeff Terzo of Just Add Power. Back in 2014, they all worked side by side at a professional sports stadium, installing multiple systems. From the beginning, Just Add Power sought to build relationships. Over time, Steely and Terzo became friends, sometimes golfing together. Relationship-centric business like that helps ensure better client outcomes for American Sound and Just Add Power. “They know that we will support them, and we know they will support us in turn,” Steely says.

Configurable and Flexible

Steely cites multiple projects on which American Sound and Just Add Power have collaborated successfully. For example, he points to a bar/restaurant that has 30 to 40 displays in various configurations. The Just Add Power-centric system isn’t dependent on a single source; instead, it can integrate computer sources, cable TV and media streaming devices, all with extremely low latency. “It’s very configurable and flexible with whatever’s needed,” Steely adds. He also points to public and private event spaces in a Cincinnati sports stadium, saying American Sound has integrated Just Add Power AVoIP technology throughout.

Just like American Sound isn’t “just an integrator,” Just Add Power isn’t just an AVoIP vendor. Instead, Stricklin, Terzo and the team can be part of creating the perfect design and solution for integrators’ clients. “I have been with them side by side in spaces,” Steely attests. That collaborative spirit results in systems that dazzle, delight and deliver on the unlimited promise of AVoIP. As Steely puts it, “We’ll continue to grow that relationship with that customer, along with [the relationship with] Just Add Power.”

These days, most integrators know that AVoIP will be a huge part of our collective future. That’s why industry-leading integrators like American Sound are forging relationships with AVoIP specialists like Just Add Power. “Reach out to them,” Steely advises channel members. “Talk to them. Open up that conversation — because they will assist with any kind of solution that’s needed.”

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