AV Integrators – Now Accepting Nominations for the Make a Difference Award!

Published: May 10, 2023

Commercial Integrator seeks not only to help integrators run their businesses better but also to spotlight the incredible things that integration companies do across the country and around the world. Over the past year, even as COVID-19-related challenges continued, those in our industry selflessly helped charities, groups of people and individuals. By doing things both large and small, members of the integration community made a difference for those in need.

This year, once again, ADI and CI are partnering to recognize, honor and celebrate an integration firm that has made a difference with its philanthropic efforts.

The integration firm might have raised money for an established charity. It might have done pro bono work for a local business or house of worship in need. It might have helped a single individual in some small way that made a big difference in their life.

The Make a Difference Award

Whatever the integrator did, we want to know about it! Integration firms can nominate themselves for the Make a Difference Award. In addition, others from outside the company can nominate a deserving integrator honoree. All nominations must be in by Friday, June 2.

What we’re asking for in terms of nominations is a story. What was the impetus for making a difference? How did the integration firm get involved? What was the impact of the philanthropic effort? Give us a sense of how this integrator made a real, measurable difference for those in need.

We’re also asking for some great photos. These could be of the project the firm completed, the team doing some good, the big reveal or anything else related to the charitable act, donation or philanthropic effort.

We will announce the winner of the ADI and Commercial Integrator Make a Difference Award early this summer. ADI will honor the winner with a Make a Difference Trophy and additional prizes. Last year, for example, ADI provided lunch at the winner’s office from a local, favorite food truck.

We look forward to learning about all the good work that integrators have done this year. Submit your nomination now!

Past Make a Difference Award Winners

2022: Texadia Systems Receives 2022 Make A Difference Award
2021: Commercial Integrator and Herman Pro AV Make a Difference Award Winner: Spinitar

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