Korbyt Expands Workplace Communications Offering with Webex by Cisco

Published: 2024-04-24

Korbyt has introduced Korbyt Anywhere for Webex, an extension of its enterprise-grade omnichannel workplace communications solutions platform. The latest offering integrates with any Cisco device within the Webex ecosystem, transforming Cisco devices into digital signage endpoints. The strategic move not only maximizes the use and effectiveness of network-connected screens across an organization but also marks the newest advancement in Korbyt’s mission to enhance communication and collaboration in diverse corporate environments.

“With our new Korbyt Webex player, we bring together the power of Cisco devices and Korbyt Anywhere to create a best-of-breed communications workflow that enhances worker productivity by making cross-team communication effortless and seamless,” says George Clopp, CTO at Korbyt. “This integration will significantly enhance communication clarity and collaboration efficiency across a range of corporate settings, whether in the office, working at home or on the go,” he says.

Korbyt Anywhere for Cisco devices makes it possible to schedule and display content on any Cisco Desk or Room device. All digital signage endpoints are managed as a single platform, enhancing the meeting room experience and extending the reach of an organization’s internal communications network. According to Korbyt, setup is simple, with no additional hardware required. Users simply connect their Webex account with Korbyt Anywhere and the system automatically provisions the devices to Korbyt to enable more impactful communication throughout the organization.

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While Korbyt is not the first digital signage platform to integrate into the Webex workflow, it is designed to be the most robust and easiest to use, says Korbyt. The company enables network administrators to provision players in bulk, whereas other solutions often require the labor-intensive process of provisioning players individually.

Korbyt also supports the full range of Cisco devices, including Desk, Board and Room series devices. It also integrates with Cisco Spaces to provide even deeper integration into the workspace environment to visualize real-time occupancy and other physical workspace metrics.

Korbyt Anywhere’s cloud-based CMS engages employees via a wide range of channels, including digital signage, desktop, web, email and mobile devices. Adding native support for Cisco devices greatly expands the number of endpoints, creating a direct path into the Webex ecosystem, making it possible to seamlessly share employee communications content throughout the organization.

Korbyt Anywhere for Cisco devices is available now on the Webex App Hub.

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