Yonkers-Tron: City of Yonkers Adds Video Board to Inform Residents

Published: June 3, 2024
Courtesy / SNA Displays

The City of Yonkers recently added a 16-foot 6-inch high by 2-foot 3-inch wide LED video display from SNA Displays as part of a mayoral initiative to enhance public communication efforts. Dubbed “Yonkers-Tron,” the display is adjacent to the city government complex and will show Yonkers-related news, events, images and other content to area residents and visitors. The 10 mm EMPIRE™ Exterior XS video display is mounted to the side of the Government Center Garage above an entrance facing New Main Street.

“Yonkers-Tron welcomes all to our waterfront district and serves as another platform to inform and educate our residents about what’s happening in our city,” says Mike Spano, mayor of Yonkers. He continues, “This LED display sign utilizes the latest technology to inform the public about matters of public safety and quality of life. All they have to do is look up.”

The new large-format outdoor LED display, installed by the Yonkers’ Engineering Department, has a resolution of 504 x 800 pixels and was featured in a video from the City of Yonkers website.

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