Webinar: What Do Next-Generation Integration Leaders Need?

Published: April 24, 2024
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Commercial Integrator and NSCA’s next Business Series webinar — entitled “What Do Next-Generation Integration Leaders Need?” — will identify the strengths and weaknesses in how integration businesses are preparing the next generation of leadership. This topic aligns perfectly with NSCA’s recently announced Excellence in Business Operations (XBO) event. Programmed and managed by the next generation for the next generation, XBO will take place this coming November.

Our informational webinar, scheduled for May 7 at 12pm EDT, will share insights from an exclusive CI and NSCA study of next-generation integration professionals. Our data will reflect their perspective on topics like these:

  • Whether future leaders are already within integrators’ ranks
  • Our industry’s pipeline of future leaders and whether it’s strong
  • Whether current leaders are forthcoming about succession planning
  • Getting future leaders the training and experience that they need
  • Whether traditional business training or industry-specific training offers more value
  • To what extent differing ethos and values among different generations inhibit effective leadership transition

Co-moderators Dan Ferrisi, group editor, commercial and security, Emerald, and Tom LeBlanc, executive director of NSCA, will also highlight key focus areas to nurture successful leaders in the integration industry. They’ll touch on ideas like avoiding the fear of making mistakes; conducting business with ethics, honesty and integrity; and resolving team conflicts and tapering unproductive exchanges.

Ferrisi and LeBlanc will be joined by a panel of young integration professionals who can testify to their own experience as emerging leaders. They’ll share their stories, offering glimpses into how their employers have nurtured their growth, and they’ll convey concerns about whether our industry has truly secured its future.

If you believe that the commercial AV integration industry needs not only to think about its present but also to plan for tomorrow, you should join this free one-hour webinar.

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