Jay Rogina Joins XTEN-AV as an Advisory Board Member

Published: April 17, 2024
Courtesy / XTEN-AV

#AVLivingLegend Jay Rogina has joined XTEN-AV as an advisory board member. XTEN-AV, is, of course, the Union City, Calif.-based, AV design and proposal software provider.

Rogina, coming with 35 years of experience in the AV industry, brings in expertise and leadership to guide the AV firm in its new phase of growth.

Vibhav Singh and Sahil Dhingra, co-founders, XTEN-AV are delighted to welcome Rogina to that board. “[Regina] brings in extensive experience and expertise in AV technology, having spent a lifetime in the industry. His proficiency and valuable advice would be a great asset as we grow our business and pursue our mission to innovate AV design and sales methodologies,” says the co-founders.

Rogina is the former principal of Spinitar, an AV system design and integration firm in the United States, where he served from 1999 to 2022.  Rogina drove Spinitar’s entrance and growth into AV integration, leading it to become a leading name in the industry. He also served as the Chairman of Infocomm International from Jan.-Dec. 2009. Earlier in his career, Rogina served as the director of technical services at Startel Corporation and as the vice president, technical services at American Video Communications.

A three-decade long experience in dealing with markets like healthcare, higher education, entertainment, corporate and government, makes Rogina the perfect guiding force and advisor with the XTEN-AV board, says the company. Rogina’s self-professed ‘love for technology’ and expertise in innovation aligns perfectly with the XTEN-AV mission transcend conventional AV design and sales boundaries.

Jay Rogina Joins XTEN-AV Board, Commends Firm’s Innovative Impact on AV Industry

“XTEN-AV is an industry innovator and disruptor. Their recognition of the gap in the industry; the lack of a software solution to streamline an entire AV project and incorporate technology into the everyday tasks of AV design & sales, caught my attention back when it launched and I’ve been impressed by their growth and innovation which they continue to do so,” claims Rogina. “The team shares my commitment to technology-driven and customer-centric innovation. I am excited to join their board and bring my experience to help them grow further.”

The cofounders of XTEN-AV fondly recall Rogina as one of the first customers of XTEN-AV, joining at the company’s launch in 2019. “His eye for innovation and uninhibited adoption of a pioneering technology like XTEN-AV, has been the basis of our solid professional relationship. His presence on the XTEN-AV board will provide us with world-class leadership and guidance. We couldn’t have asked for a better mentor,” says XTEN-AV cofounders.

XTEN-AV is on a mission to lead the AV industry away from legacy methods of design and documentation, by incorporating technology into the routine processes. The platform has empowered 12K+ registered users to conceptualize and create AV designs, detailed drawings, automate AV calculations and documentation, by providing them with technology like cloud computing, automation, virtual reality and more.

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