PlexusAV on Interoperability in AV-over-IP Installations

Published: June 6, 2024

In this Q&A with Commercial Integrator, Steven Cogels, global director of business development at Plexus AV, delves into the intricate world of AV-over-IP installations. Cogels shares his insights on the challenges of interoperability, the evolution of the AVoIP landscape, and how Plexus AV is spearheading innovation in this domain.

Interoperability is a major hurdle in AVoIP installations. The lack of control and the existence of silos often hinder seamless integration. Many systems are built as closed ecosystems, making it difficult for different components to communicate effectively. This can be particularly problematic when trying to future-proof installations. Plexus AV’s goal is to break down these silos and improve interoperability through its products and solutions. Plexus AV’s open standards approach helps integrators futureproof their installations and ensures smoother, more reliable performance.

Come check out the PlexusAV booth in the Central Hall, booth# C9069 at InfoComm 2024!

To learn more about PlexusAV and its interoperable AVoIP offerings, watch the video embedded below:

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