Crestron Boosts Sustainability Efforts; Partners with SAVe

Published: April 10, 2024
Courtesy / Crestron

Crestron Electronics, the global provider of workplace and smart home technology, has announced an ongoing sustainability initiatives and a partnership with Sustainability in AV (SAVe), where the company will join as a Sustaining Sponsor. As an organization, Crestron remains dedicated to identifying opportunities to reduce its carbon footprint through sustainable workplace practices and improvements to minimize environmental impact, says the company. This commitment does not stop with Crestron solely as a manufacturer, as the company also requires suppliers to participate in ongoing assessments to ensure they adhere to industry standards for corporate social responsibility.

Crestron’s Environmental Priorities

Over the past several years, Crestron has undertaken a commitment to integrate sustainable development and environmental stewardship in all business processes, procedures and practices. One of those initiatives is a partnership with a software company that delivers consultancy services to measure the organization’s corporate carbon footprint by analyzing how the company impacts global climate change. Crestron also has a long history of supporting product cycle longevity through extensive quality testing, sustaining engineering processes and post-sales support resources to reduce the need to manufacture replacements.

“As an organization, we have been making strides to use eco-friendly packaging materials, minimize plastic use, and ensure product lifecycle longevity,” says Brad Hintze, EVP of global marketing at Crestron. “Crestron is only one piece of the puzzle, and partnering with SAVe empowers us as an organization to support these important educational tracks and advocacy initiatives that support sustainability on an even greater scale.”

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Crestron Joins SAVe as a Sustaining Sponsor

SAVe is a global business network of AV companies committed to taking concerted action to advance the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As an independent, non-profit organization, SAVe relies on sponsor support for outreach and advocacy. Success in achieving the 2030 SDGs will require participation in many ways from numerous stakeholders, and sponsorships are an essential catalyst to further efforts.

“I am thrilled that Crestron has become our Sustaining Sponsor in support of SAVe,” says SAVe Founder and President Christina De Bono. “This demonstrates their genuine dedication to advancing our mission of integrating the Sustainable Development Goals into the pro AV industry.”

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