Nanolumens To Bring Energy-Efficient Solutions at InfoComm 2024

Published: June 4, 2024
06/14/2023 Nanolumens at Infocomm 2023. Orlando Convention Center. Orlando, FL. ph: E. M. Pio Roda / for Nanolumens

Nanolumens, manufacturer and designer of cutting-edge LED displays and solutions, will showcase energy-efficient LED display technology and advanced design solutions at InfoComm 2024. Per the company, this includes additions to its Captivate Series and Nixel Flex Series, and the powerful NanoSuite display management module.

According to a statement, Nanolumens’ Engage Pro flip-chip chip-on-board (COB) Mini-LED enables energy efficiency. Leveraging cutting-edge engineering, the Engage Pro consumes up to 30% less energy per square foot than conventional digital displays. At the same time, it helps deliver ultra-high contrast and high-performance visuals. Nanolumens’ reduction in energy consumption does not compromise performance. Here, the Engage Pro Series boasts a remarkable 100,000-hour lifetime, ensuring long-lasting and reliable operation, says the company. Nanolumens’ Engage Pro includes seamless integration with Megapixel and Novastar processing technologies.

Additional Offerings

Nanolumens will feature their 4K Captivate Series, and all-in-one COB platform with 4K resolution. Nanolumens’ 4K Captivate Series is 165 inches and features tighter pitches, achieving a stunning 0.9 pixel pitch to ensure that images on Nanolumens’ displays feature smoother borders and finer detail. This allows viewers to stand closer to the screen and enjoy a crystal-clear image without the distraction of individual pixels.

With a system depth of just 2.0 inches, the Captivate Series seamlessly integrates into any environment, offering a sleek and modern appearance. Available in four unique sizes, ranging from 120 inches to 180 inches, the Captivate Series caters to various environments and their specific requirements.

Additionally, Nanolumens will introduce an addition to its Nixel Flex Series. The new Nixel Flex product features a bend radius of 11.5 inches, in a 1.56mm pixel pitch cylindrical screen measuring 23 inches in diameter. Moreover, the Nixel Flex Series display represents the tightest True Curve showcased at InfoComm, says the company. This offers designers the freedom to create unique and captivating visual displays. The ultra-tight radius solution opens new possibilities for dynamic, flexible installations in various settings.

“We are thrilled to showcase our latest innovations at InfoComm 2024,” says Kurt DeYoung, chief revenue officer for Nanolumens. “Our Engage Pro Series sets a new standard for energy efficiency without compromising unparalleled performance and the 4K version of our well-known Captivate Series offers tighter pixel pitches and exceptional visual clarity. Our latest ultra-tight radius solution in the Nixel Flex Series provides new opportunities for design freedom.”

NanoSuite on Display

Nanolumens will also highlight the capabilities of NanoSuite, a display management module designed to simplify the control and monitoring of Nanolumens displays. NanoSuite allows users to monitor performance, control and schedule displays, manage content, review historical performance and troubleshoot — all from a single, intuitive interface. Integrated with the ISAAC system, NanoSuite offers versatile deployment options, including local on-premises control, API integration and remote access, providing users with flexibility and convenience.

DeYoung adds, “The powerful capabilities of NanoSuite are redefining the possibilities of display technologies. We look forward to demonstrating how our solutions can help clients create more engaging visual experiences.”

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