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Published: June 21, 2024
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Editor’s Note: This article on the Command-and-Control survey was originally published on June 7, 2024. Since then, we updated it on June 21, 2024

Commercial Integrator is studying the command-and-control market, seeking to get integrators’ perspectives. This will inform future Commercial Integrator coverage of the command-and-control market and educate industry stakeholders. Please take our short, five-minute survey today!

By participating in our brief survey, you’ll help shape our research while gaining insights into how your peers are navigating this complex and vital market. Your feedback will provide valuable data on the current command-and-control landscape, including average gross revenue, typical project approaches, profitability and growth forecasts. This information is crucial for understanding trends and challenges, and for developing best practices that benefit everyone in the industry.

Results will be printed in the August edition of Commercial Integrator + Security Sales & Integration. And, of course, online on

Command-and-Control Survey Focus

Our survey covers a range of important topics:

  • Average Gross Revenue: What does your company typically earn from command-and-control-related projects?
  • Project Approach: How do you usually tackle these specialized projects?
  • Profitability: How would you describe your company’s profitability in this area?
  • Growth Trends: How much has your command-and-control projects grown recently, and what is your forecast for the next 12 months?
  • Technologies Used: What types of technologies do you specify, design, integrate and manage in these environments?
  • Videowall Technology: Which videowall technologies are most commonly deployed?
  • Unique Challenges: What logistical or operational challenges set command-and-control projects apart from other sectors?
  • Client Empowerment: What can clients or manufacturers do to help your firm achieve greater success and profitability?

By taking the survey, you contribute to a comprehensive overview that will be shared with the pro AV integration community. This collective knowledge helps everyone stay informed about industry standards, emerging technologies and strategies for overcoming common challenges.

Ready to make your voice heard? Take the survey now! Your insights will not only help guide the industry but also refine your own approach to command-and-control projects.

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