Audinate Launches Dante Ready Licensing for Video

Published: June 24, 2024
Photo courtesy of Audinate.

Audinate Group Limited, developer of the Dante AV-over-IP platform, announced Dante Ready licensing for their Dante AV-A and Dante AV-H networked video solutions. Dante Ready is a licensing program that allows original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products to ship with Dante installed but not activated, enabling the end customer to add channels of Dante audio and video to supported products in the field.

“With Dante Ready licensing, our OEM video partners can now extend the reach of Dante AV across a wider range of product SKUs without incurring additional licensing costs,” explains Wim Roose, senior product manager at Audinate. “Moreover, Dante Ready brings Dante audio and video channels to cameras, encoders, and decoders already shipping and installed in the field with a firmware update.”

Dante Ready provides a flexible way to enable and expand the connectivity and interoperability of the world’s de facto AV-over-IP solution for both OEM partners and end customers, even after the initial purchase. Dante Ready allows AV professionals to upgrade their system by adding Dante video and audio channels as needed and connecting to over 4,000 products from more than 600 manufacturers. Designed as a simple and extensible solution for evolving installations, Dante Ready allows customers to incrementally invest in their system as it grows with more Dante channels and features. In addition to Dante AV-A and Dante AV-H, Dante Ready licensing is available for Dante Embedded Platform, Dante Application Library and Dante IP core audio solutions.

Dante Ready channels are activated using the Dante Activator feature in the widely used Dante Controller application for Dante audio and video subscription management. Transactions are simple and secure, and device upgrades are seamlessly actioned without entering complex license keys or copying license files, providing AV professionals with a hassle-free activation process.

Dante AV is a suite of networked video solutions tailored to meet different quality, latency, bandwidth, application and OEM design needs. The Dante AV platform continues to grow, with over 50 partners and 80 products launched.

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