AVPro Edge Launches Trio of HDMI 2.1b Distribution Amplifiers

Published: April 18, 2024
Courtesy / AVPro Edge

AVPro Edge has introduced the AC-DA-X2 series of HDMI 2.1b distribution amplifiers, including three models with different output configurations. The AVPro Edge AC-DA-12X2 is a one-input to two-output, 48 Gbps HDMI 2.1b distribution amplifier that divides incoming HDMI signals up to 8K/60 fps into two separate output streams. The AC-DA-14X2 is a one-input to four-output version, and the AC-DA-18X2 is a one-input to eight-output model, completing the lineup of 8K/60 fps HDMI distribution amplifiers.

“We designed this lineup of AVPro Edge next-gen HDMI distribution amps as high-performance problem solvers for residential and commercial AV integrators across a variety of system applications,” explains Matt Murray, CTO at AVPro Edge. “The output of each distribution amp can be scaled to provide a 3D immersive audio format signal to a decoding audio playback device that may still be viable for that purpose, though dated for video signal passthrough. This functionality effectively extends the life of costly AV receivers or preamp processors that would otherwise become obsolete.”

Extend the Useful Life of Legacy Displays

Generationally dated but functioning displays intersecting in systems with overlapping HDMI and HDCP versions can handcuff a system into resolution downscaling all displays for compatibility. The AC-DA-X2 series HDMI distribution amplifiers enable mixed-display systems to coexist at their native rates.

Key Benefits: AVPro Edge AC-DA-X2 Series of 48 Gbps 8K HDMI Scaling Distribution Amplifiers

  • 48 Gbps bandwidth (Fixed Rate Link 6).
  • Custom EDID blend (combine EDIDs from different devices).
  • Extended 4-Block EDID support for demanding NextGen displays.
  • Supports gaming-focused HDMI 2.1b features.
  • Signal downscaling for compatibility with legacy display devices.
  • Extracted audio for up to 7.1 digital or 2-channel analog applications.

AVPro Edge products are backed by a 10-year advanced-replacement warranty,

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