The Immersive Audio Opportunity for Integrators

Moving beyond commercial cinemas to liven up concert events, plus museum exhibits and theme parks, immersive audio is engulfing a wider range of the consumer public.

Amping Up Your AV-Over-IP: Network Know-How

Amping Up Your AV-Over-IP: Network Know-How

This FREE guide delves into the basics behind AV over IP and what you need to do to take advantage of this trending technology.

Audio Conferencing, conferencing audio.

3 Easy Steps To Deliver Great Conferencing Audio

Learn why beam tracking, mic placement and amp specifications are all critical components of making sure meetings run smoothly with conferencing audio.

AVB protocol, Arcade Fire, Infinite Content Tour

AVB Protocol Powers Sound of Arcade Fire Infinite Content Tour

Canadian band Arcade Fire is using an Audio Video Bridging (AVB protocol)-based L-Acoustics sound reinforcement system during the Infinite Content Tour.

Fulcrum Acoustic speakers, Saigon Sky Lounge

Literally: A Raised Bar at Saigon Sky Lounge featuring Fulcrum Acoustic Speakers

Fulcrum Acoustic speakers fulfill various tasks under extremely variable conditions at the SOHY Saigon Sky Lounge in Vietnam.

Game of Thrones sound, Game of Thrones, DPA Microphones

Game of Thrones Sound Captured by DPA Microphones

Game of Thrones sound production mixer Daniel Crowley employs six different DPA microphones to capture the show’s audio content.

Slash Brand Ambassador, Slash, Gibson

Gibson Names Slash Brand Ambassador

In an historic move the audio and musical equipment manufacturer Gibson has named Guns n Roses guitarist Slash brand ambassador.

acoustic design, AVI Systems

Better Acoustic Design Isn’t Just for Recording Studios

Acoustic design improves the sound in bars and restaurants, but using pro audio also helps mass notification systems to be heard in a range of environments.

Community Loudspeakers, IKEA Customers

IKEA Customers Wander (and Shop) More Thanks to Music Pumped from Community Loudspeakers

IKEA customers are kept informed and, more importantly for the brand, kept wandering with pleasant background music, thanks to Community Loudspeakers.

pro speaker, pro speakers, pro speaker market

Pro Speaker Market to Grow $1 Billion by 2021, Says Futuresource

Data from Futuresource estimates that over the next few years the pro speaker market will increase its revenues from $2.6 billion to $3.6 billion by 2021.