Audinate Updates Dante Connect

Published: 2024-04-24

Audinate Group Limited, developer of the Dante AV-over-IP solution, announced significant new additions to Dante Connect, its cloud-based Dante audio transport solution for broadcasters. Per the company, new features and capabilities include remote contribution options, native Dante software integration, cloud deployment platform options and new resellers.

According to a statement, Dante Connect is a suite of software applications that facilitate cloud-based broadcast production. Thus, it is a powerful platform for A1s and mixing engineers, combining the familiarity, ease-of-use and tight synchronization of Dante audio with seamless connectivity to centralized production tools running on cloud instances.

Dante Connect adds WebRTC-powered remote contribution functionality to the existing uncompressed Dante audio transport streams. The remote contribution feature allows Dante sources connected to the internet worldwide to be captured as an audio source. As a result, it provides customers a new, lower-bandwidth option to easily add a commentator or any other audio stream to the broadcast.

This compressed source also transmits using WebRTC functionality, ensuring the highest quality possible without requiring expensive dedicated transmission lines, says the company. Paired with the existing remote monitoring functionality, broadcasters gain new options for production staff to monitor, contribute to and produce content remotely.

Joining Google Cloud Partner Advantage

Audinate has also joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage as a partner in the build engagement model. With this, it enables customer flexibility to deploy audio transmission and production with Dante Connect in Google Cloud environments.

“Dante Connect on Google Cloud provides broadcasters with more options to meet their production flexibility and cost-saving goals in any deployment configuration. We are proud to have Audinate as a partner serving the demanding broadcast market,” says Kip Schauer, global head of media and entertainment and gaming partnerships at Google Cloud.

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Native Cloud Integration With SSL

Additionally, Solid State Logic (SSL) has introduced its first native cloud implementation of Dante in their new System T cloud mixer. This virtualized Tempest audio processing and control solution is designed for live-to-air broadcast audio production. Per a statement, the System T cloud mixer provides up to 256 processing paths, supporting stereo, 5.1 and immersive formats, all controlled via hardware or software interfaces from any location.

By utilizing the Dante Connect SDK within their virtual DSP, SSL could directly integrate and route Dante inputs and outputs within the System T cloud mixer.

“At SSL, we aim to provide technology that enables our customers to work efficiently. By natively integrating Dante into the System T cloud mixer using the Dante Connect SDK, we were able to provide the best, most efficient user experience with Dante Connect,” remarks Tom Knowles, director of product management at Solid State Logic.

Alpha Joins Audinate Reseller Program

The company further stated that Alpha has joined the Audinate reseller program. Here, it will support the integration and sale of Dante Connect. Per a statement, Alpha is an industry leader with over 50 years of experience integrating technology to create exceptional experiences for a range of clients. Alpha joins existing Dante Connect resellers, Advanced Systems Group (ASG), Diversified and HHB Communications.

“We’re delighted to be a partner bringing Dante audio transport technology to the cloud. Production solutions are constantly evolving to best meet customer needs for production flexibility and cost effectiveness, and Dante Connect is an expanding, robust platform we’re excited to share with our customers,” adds Bryan Nelson, senior sales executive of Alpha.

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