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Published: June 20, 2024

Editor’s Note: CI originally published this programmer focused content on May 22. Since, we have updated it with new information as of June 20.

Programmers often work independently, and many find themselves deprived of co-workers or peers with whom to collaborate. Thus, they tend to be siloed with limited opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Most programmers spend the majority of their time heads-down focused on meeting project deadlines and completing programming tasks to the best of their ability, seldom having time to learn new languages, platforms or technologies that can help them become more valuable and effective. Additionally, they have limited opportunities to discover new techniques, fresh ideas, advanced skills and innovative solutions due to a lack of resources and minimal exposure to others who understand their needs. This typifies the growth challenge of many programmers.

The ‘Ask the Programmer’ Podcast

The “Ask the Programmer” podcast is a place where programmers and programming advocates can find respite from isolation and connect with their people to discuss the interests, obstacles, and quests that are unique to them. Weekly episodes address evergreen topics, highlighting the value and challenges of programming, along with spotlighting the journeys of AV professionals and the importance that programming plays in their successes.

The “Ask the Programmer” podcast was established to serve two distinct purposes. The first is to help build community amongst programmers by sharing experiences and knowledge, creating awareness, offering support and guidance, advancing learning and providing an outlet for programmers to connect. The second is to enlighten those who interface with or manage programmers and would like to have a better understanding of the world of AV programming and control.

There are many age-old programming questions that have no singular, clear-cut answer. There are also many programming narratives that need to be told by those who are in the programmer role rather than others who are adjacent like salespeople, designers, project managers, manufacturers or consultants.

Programmers, who are often in the position of being unsung heroes, represent the last piece of the puzzle that ensures users’ needs are met and projects are completed successfully. Their journeys, experiences and insights are easily overlooked but truly need to be told.


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It is the mission of the “Ask the Programmer” podcast to provide a way to address all these needs.

  • Why does programming take so long?
  • Why does programming cost so much?
  • What does it take to become an AV programmer? What is the difference between programming and configuration?
  • How valuable are programming certifications?

These are some of the questions the “Ask the Programmer” podcast has covered and will continue to discuss.

What are Your Questions Related to AV Programming?

Dan Ferrisi, group editor, commercial and security, Emerald, will join us on upcoming episodes of “Ask the Programmer” to pose and discuss your questions. Please submit your questions by emailing him at by Friday, June 14.

The “Ask the Programmer” podcast can be found on YouTube in video format or in an audio-only format in your favorite podcast player. The “Ask the Programmer” community can be found on LinkedIn Groups.

Steve Greenblatt, CTS, is president of Control Concepts, Inc. James King is assistant director of AV services, Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at UNLV. Together, they host the “Ask the Programmer” podcast.

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