Join the #HealthyAV Movement at InfoComm 2024 & Beyond

Published: June 3, 2024 artbesouro

Our recent story that shared A Healthy Approach to AV Trade Shows and Events received overwhelmingly positive feedback from #AVTweeps throughout the industry. It was clear through a composition of likes on social media, encouraging comments on LinkedIn, grateful replies on Twitter and personal outreach emails sharing individual stories, struggles and appreciation that an anecdote involving brave and vulnerable moments became an inspiration to many in the AV community.

As we all know, it can be difficult and uncomfortable to be unique, stand out and express a nonconforming viewpoint. Peer pressure exists in all phases of life, not just in the teenage years. Those who think or act differently from the rest tend to be challenged with acceptance or have difficulty fitting into a supportive and like-minded social circle. Thus, it can be difficult to be yourself and stand up for what is important to you publicly, especially when it’s an unpopular and uncomfortable choice.

While we continuously strive to bring awareness to the ills of harassment or inappropriate behavior at events or trade shows, not enough is being done to recognize those who are trying to make a positive impact and encourage healthy behaviors. This InfoComm, AVTweeps will have an opportunity to make a difference for themselves and others by joining the #HealthyAV movement and making a commitment to “Be at your best!”

Through personal choices that include a combination of proper eating, hydrating, exercise, sleep, disciplined decision-making, responsible actions and being a supporter of others who have the same desire and goals, those who may have once found themselves in the minority can confidently be themselves and feel comfortable in their surroundings.

#HealthyAV Bracelets

#HealthyAV bracelets on table.

Photo courtesy: Steve Greenblatt

We will be distributing bracelets to be worn as a sign of a pledge to the #HealthyAV movement and a reminder to Be at Your Best at this and future events. If you like to meet up at #InfoComm24 and receive your bracelet, please connect with us on LinkedIn or Twitter:

Additionally, if you would like to be an ambassador for the #HealthyAV movement and help spread the word and distribute bracelets, we would be honored to have your support and assistance in distributing bracelets.

We look forward seeing everyone at #InfoComm24 and encourage everyone to “Be at your best!”

Steve Greenblatt is president of Control Concepts Inc. Brittany DiCesare is director of sales and operations at Control Concepts Inc.

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