CEDIA Expo 2024 to Present Top Outdoor Tech at Destination Outdoors

Published: May 7, 2024
Courtesy / Emerald

CEDIA Expo, the platform where residential technology integration, design and construction professionals connect, learn and engage, announces the  return of Destination Outdoors, an outdoor activation showcasing AV technology. With industry experts forecasting sustained expansion in outdoor tech, CEDIA Expo 2024 is poised to cater to heightened demands by introducing technologies tailored for outdoor settings; all showcased at Destination Outdoors.

Covering a vast 24,000-square-foot area, Destination Outdoors offers a firsthand glimpse into the possibilities for outdoor spaces. This immersive experience promises to highlight the latest technology aimed at elevating any outdoor environment. Destination Outdoors will be adorned with grassy expanses, stylish patio furnishings, lawn games, outdoor seating and canopy tents to create the perfect backdrop for demonstrating the latest outdoor innovations.

At CEDIA Expo 2024, Coastal Source, an outdoor audio and lighting systems provider, will join forces with Draper At Home, specializing in residential window shades and audiovisual equipment, and Just Video Walls, renowned for dvLED videowalls, digital signage, video processors and digital video content, to present Destination Outdoors. Coastal Source, Draper At Home and Just Video Walls will unveil their product lines crafted to provide entertainment in outdoor settings and withstand tough outdoor conditions throughout the year.

“Recent trends indicate that consumers are increasingly interested in expanding their living spaces beyond the confines of their homes,” says Jason McGraw, CTS, group vice president for Emerald. “This trend underscores the significance of custom installation technology in enhancing the outdoor living experience. From weather-resistant audio and lighting systems to innovative outdoor entertainment solutions, custom installation technology plays a critical role in transforming outdoor spaces into functional and enjoyable areas for relaxation, entertainment and socializing. We look forward to partnering with Coastal Source, Draper and Just Video Walls to explore the possibilities of outdoor entertainment at CEDIA Expo 2024.”

Jeff Poggi, President, Coastal Source, says, “We look forward to showcasing the launch of our new EVO outdoor lighting line that sets new Coastal Source benchmarks in performance, design, modularity and durability for outdoor environments.  And, we will have fun demonstrating our extensive suite of high-performance outdoor audio systems in a whole new way.”

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Destination Outdoors to Showcase Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment Ecosystem

Coastal source at CEDIA Expo Destination Outdoors 2023

Courtesy / Emerald

At Destination Outdoors, Coastal Source will put the spotlight on its outdoor audio and lighting solutions. Draper will highlight its shading solutions for transforming outdoor spaces into inviting living areas. Meanwhile, Just Video Walls will exhibit a range of MicroLED displays tailored to suit the specific requirements of any outdoor entertainment area. When combined, Coastal Source, Draper and Just Video Walls can establish a comprehensive outdoor ecosystem encompassing audio, video, lighting and shading. These technologies synergize effectively and enhance one another’s capabilities, resulting in a cohesive outdoor experience.

Destination Outdoors will be located adjacent to the Colorado Convention Center, at 1417 California Street. Attendees are required to bring their CEDIA Expo or Commercial Integrator Expo attendee badges for entry to Destination Outdoors.

CEDIA Expo 2024, which will be co-located with Commercial Integrator Expo 2024, will take place Sept. 4–7, 2024, at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.

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