Haus Collection’s Morgan Rottinghaus: AV Living Legends #54

Published: July 10, 2024
Photo courtesy: Morgan Rottinghaus

The Commercial Integrator #AVLivingLegends initiative is meant to celebrate and honor the pro AV industry’s biggest contributors. With this series, we strive to spotlight the difference-makers and world-changers who move among us. This week, Morgan Rottinghaus, CEO and founder of Haus Collection, joins the list as our 54th inductee.

Rottinghaus boasts more than two decades of professional experience in creative technology, experience design, strategic planning, business development, sales and marketing. She is truly deserving of the title “AV Living Legend”!

In this interview, Rottinghaus reflects on her priceless memories at Electrosonic, the power of mentorship and taking the plunge to start her own business.

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Commercial Integrator: What inspired you to enter the commercial AV industry?

Morgan Rottinghaus: I stumbled into the industry when I encountered Technomedia in 2008. The creative atmosphere and unique experiences drew me in immediately, sparking a sense of something extraordinary. I realized that the industry thrived on relationships, which was a perfect match for my personality. The themed entertainment sector and the fantastic people involved captivated me, leading to my deep involvement.

Commercial Integrator: What has fueled your passion and dedication over the years?

Morgan Rottinghaus: The answer is simple: Establishing a strong network of industry peers who have become like family keeps me motivated. This is what keeps me going. Working at Electrosonic provided a platform for personal and professional growth. Transitioning into an executive leadership role enabled me to form a global team focused on strategic partnerships. This venture ignited my enthusiasm every morning for the exciting challenges ahead. Collaborating with the team to enhance company excellence, create benchmarks and prioritize strategic relationship building kept us all driven. Teaching, mentoring, collaborating and continuous learning kept me highly engaged. Reflecting on my journey at Electrosonic over the past decade fills me with gratitude for what it taught me and the person I have become.

Commercial Integrator: Reflect on your evolution from mentee to mentor in your career. Who influenced your professional path, and how have you impacted others?

Morgan Rottinghaus: I was fortunate to have exceptional mentors shaping my career. Working under industry veterans like Andy Kidd taught me strategic thinking, the ability to say “no” and the importance of attention to detail. He was driven by the passion for the work and the dedication to his clients. I soon became just as passionate.

Observing and working alongside TEA Industry Master Chris Conte taught me patience, integrity and the value of trust. We were the ying and yang when it came to winning clients over. Bryan Hinckley emphasized providing top-notch solutions and unwavering support for clients. He cared about employees and his approach to having these internal relationships taught me the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace. These mentors became like family to me, guiding me towards the heart and soul of the organization and what we stood for. I still hold onto these lessons in my daily thinking and approach.

I take pride in establishing the Strategic Partnership Team at Electrosonic. Witnessing each team member evolve into high performers with meaningful relationships was a rewarding experience. Sharing my strategic approach, tools and methodologies empowered the team to excel in various aspects of the business. I am grateful for their openness to learning and implementing new strategies, which I hope to continue to benefit them in their daily endeavors. The team’s journey also taught me valuable lessons about myself, both personally and professionally.

Commercial Integrator: Share your most memorable career story in commercial AV.

Morgan Rottinghaus: One standout memory is attending the opening of Space Shuttle Atlantis at Kennedy Space Center during my early days at Electrosonic. Surrounded by astronauts, I was awestruck by the experience. Witnessing the innovative projection mapping technology in action was emotional and captivating. I looked around me and these astronauts who had shown no fear in their career had tears rolling down their face. The stories being told were ones they lived through. Watching them experience it, I couldn’t help but shed a few tears myself. The reveal of the Atlantis Space Shuttle suspended in the air left everyone in awe. It was the first time I experienced real emotion in a space. I felt completely immersed and surprised at every turn. This project showcased immense creativity and hard work, evoking a magical and emotional response from all present.

Commercial Integrator: What is your greatest professional achievement to date?

Morgan Rottinghaus: Taking the leap into entrepreneurship and founding my company, Haus Collection, stands out as my proudest accomplishment. Haus Collection allows me to utilize my skills acquired over two decades to assist small to medium-sized companies in achieving strategic growth. Witnessing these companies thrive and gain a competitive edge against larger competitors brings me immense satisfaction. Starting my own business has granted me the freedom to pursue what truly makes me happy. It’s a simultaneously scary and exhilarating adventure.

Commercial Integrator: What is your biggest professional regret so far?

Morgan Rottinghaus: Acknowledging one’s professional regrets is challenging but essential for growth. Reflecting on my journey, I recognize instances where I could have been a better leader. Learning from past mistakes, I now understand the importance of empowering teams and fostering autonomy. Embracing personal and professional growth has been a transformative process, emphasizing the significance of humility and trust in leadership. I believe that everyone should have an opportunity to evolve and grow if their minds and hearts are open to it. Anything is possible in this life if you want to become the best version of yourself.

Commercial Integrator: Share the best advice you’ve received or discovered in your career.

Morgan Rottinghaus: Relationships are the cornerstone of success in this industry. Prioritize building genuine connections before pitching any idea. Practice patience, humility and kindness. Listen attentively, as learning from others is invaluable. Embrace the power of meaningful interactions as they pave the way for success.

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