PPDS Unveils 13” Philips Tableaux 4150 ePaper Displays at InfoComm 2024

Published: June 17, 2024
Courtesy / PPDS

PPDS, the exclusive global provider of Philips Professional Displays and complementary hardware and software solutions, showcased its latest evolution of its ePaper displays with Android SoC signage range, launching the new 13-inch Philips Tableaux 4150 at InfoComm 2024.

Unveiled and exhibited on the Philips Booth W2544 inside the Las Vegas Convention Center (June 12-14), the portrait or landscape mountable 13-inch Philips Tableaux 4150 Series has been designed to deliver greater choice and new opportunities for businesses looking to introduce or expand a digital signage network, using PPDS’ highly sustainable, full color ePaper displays.

Driven by feedback from customers across a range of market verticals — including retail, corporate, hospitality, food and beverage, healthcare and transportation — the new 13-imch Tableaux display marks the latest evolution of PPDS’ growing ePaper portfolio, adding to the 25-inch 4150 and 32-inch 5150 models launched at ISE 2023 and 2024 respectively.

Philips Tableaux: Maximum Impact, Minimal Power

Available globally, and featuring a white bezel design, the 13-inch Philips Tableaux 4150 – developed with PPDS’ technology partner, E Ink, brings the ‘zero power’ features and Android powered functionality enjoyed with the 25-inch and 32-inch Philips Tableaux displays, widely recognized as the world’s first ePaper digital signage offerings from a global manufacturer.

An ideal energy saving solution for businesses looking to digitize their paper-based signage and communications — whether for wayfinding in a corporate building, promoting the latest offers in a retail store, displaying live transport information, or as a menu board in a café, restaurant or kiosk — the 13-inch Philip Tableaux 4150 provides vivid sunlight readable imagery, which can be displayed without using a single kilowatt of electricity indefinitely, only requiring super low power during image changes.

Displaying with a 1600×1200 resolution, the 13-inch Philips Tableaux 4150 ensures clear messaging. What is more, with 16GB internal memory, there is no need for an external media player, keeping costs down and minimizing additional future electronic wastage. Simply plug into a power source to upload new static content for instant play via USB, LAN or WiFi connections.

ePaper Features

Tailored around the needs of the customer and environment, the Philips Tableaux 4150 Series runs on Android 11 OS, optimized for native Android apps and the easy installation of web apps and software directly on the displays.

For maximum versatility and flexibility, Philips Tableaux displays, designed for 24/7 usage, can operate entirely unplugged, making it ideal for locations with limited or no access to power sources. Weighing just 1.3kg, the 13-inch 4150 is light enough to be easily transported and used in other locations when required, says the company.

Andrea Barbuti, global product manager EMEA at PPDS, comments, “In businesses, there are always instances where additional and often temporary messaging and communications are required. This could be as simple as warning customers that the store will be closing early on a given day, or asking people to be quiet in an office building or school while interviews or exams are taking place..”

Barbuti continues, “There are examples of locations where ePaper can provide significant benefits almost everywhere you look. Just walking into the Las Vegas Convention Center this week, I have seen hundreds, maybe even thousands of posters placed along the walls and above escalators, each advertising events and products. These have all been manually placed and will have to be replaced and binned in the coming days. That’s a lot of paper wastage, and unnecessary printing, travel and expense. With Philips Tableaux, all of that is gone. Messages can be created and presented on the Philips Tableaux in a matter of minutes, with the freedom to place the unit wherever is most convenient – temporarily or permanently. Not only does it reduce waste, it looks far more professional, too.”

Wave of Management Opportunities

As part of PPDS’ growing Android SoC family, content updates on the 13-inch Philips Tableaux 4150 can be managed manually (including USB), or entirely remotely via a range of certified third party professional display control and management partners, as well as PPDS’ cloud-based Wave remote device management platform.

Developed in house, and regularly updated with new features, functionality and partner solutions, PPDS Wave offers fleet managers advanced levels of control for all Philips Android SoC displays, whether just a few screens in a single location, or thousands spread around the world.

With Wave on Philips Tableaux, businesses can securely switch out content at any time and from any location, with firmware upgrades, playlist creation and management, power scheduling and much more, all managed on Wave’s tailored and highly intuitive interface, saving on time, energy and environmental impact.

Martijn van der Woude, VP global marketing and business development at PPDS, concludes, “PPDS broke new ground in 2023 by becoming the first global display manufacturer to launch a full size, full color ePaper display. We continue to experience incredible success with our 25-inch and 32-inch Philips Tableaux models, with examples of installations in an ever-growing variety of situations, all around the world. At PPDS, our teams are relentless in their quest for providing more energy conscious displays. It was clear listening to our customers that there was an appetite for a smaller ePaper model, bridging the gap between A4 and A3 paper – or in the U.S. between letter and legal sizes.”

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