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Published: April 16, 2024
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Commercial Integrator is studying sound masking technology, seeking to get integrators and end users’ perspectives. This will inform future Commercial Integrator coverage of the sound masking category and educate industry stakeholders. Please take our short, five-minute survey today!

Integrators and end users will each have a unique survey experience, as the questions adapt to survey takers’ answers. Whereas all respondents will answer questions pertaining to the benefits of implementing sound masking solutions and whether sound masking is important for improving workplace productivity, integrators will take a channel partner-focused fork and answer questions about the challenges they face when implementing sound masking technologies, the features they consider most important when evaluating systems, how clients typically prefer to control and manage their sound masking, and who at the client level typically decides to implement sound masking.

Meanwhile, end users will take the other fork, focusing on how sound masking applies to their organization. End users will answer questions that include whether their organization uses any form of sound masking and what key factors influence their decision to invest in sound masking.

All survey takers will address additional issues, such as desired improvements or advancements in sound masking solutions and where they get most of their information about sound masking technologies.

Please invest five minutes and let your voice be heard! Please participate in Commercial Integrator’s sound masking technology survey. Help your fellow industry members understand how your organization — whether you work for an integrator or an end user — utilizes these important, environment-enhancing solutions.

Take our survey today!

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