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Biamp Sound Masking surveys
Sound masking study data from Biamp and Commercial Integrator.

Sound Masking Study: Insights from an Industry-Wide Survey

Integrators, consultants and end users reflect on the sound masking category’s strong growth, as well as which features…

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Lencore Sound Masking
Lencore Silver

Lencore Relaunches Lencore Silver Sound Masking Solution

The re-engineered Lencore Silver not only boasts a rack-mounted enclosure but also several unique selling points.

News June 3
Sound Masking survey
Group of business people having a meeting or brainstorming in a boardroom, sound masking technology

Add Your Voice to CI’s Sound Masking Survey

Take our sponsored sound masking survey and help us uncover important trends that could help make a difference…

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Midwich Starin The Farm AV value-added distributor
Starin and The Farm logos

Emphasizing Value in Value-Added Distribution

Midwich’s acquisition of The Farm has empowered Starin to deliver a menu of services that bolsters resellers’ businesses…

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acoustic treatments corporate spaces Healthcare Operations Sound Masking
Lencore and MDC

Lencore and MDC: Elevating Soundmasking and Customer Service

The collaboration between Lencore Acoustics and MDC Low Voltage Systems ensures dedicated customer support and innovative soundmasking technology…

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AtlasIED Atmosphere ISE ISE 2023 Paging Sound Masking
AtlasIED Atmosphere Digital Audio Control and Processing Hardware Model# AZMP8 front and rear view

AtlasIED Launches New Atmosphere Digital Audio Control and Processing Hardware

AtlasIED's latest Atmosphere audio products enable hardware consolidation, expanded paging capabilities and a major software update.

News January 31
Audio Distribution ceiling speakers Sound Masking
Pure Resonance Audio C5 speaker in white.

Pure Resonance Audio Debuts C5 Micro 4-inch Ceiling-Mount Speaker

Pure Resonance Audio's new speaker provides more robust sound and delivers a quick yet versatile install for a…

News January 27
Lencore RedRock Technologies Sound Masking speech privacy
Office environment where soundmasking would be a good addition., Lencore RedRock

Add-On Soundmasking Sales are Business Rocket Fuel

RedRock Technologies leverages its relationship with Lencore to deliver soundmasking that earns high margins and delivers everyday benefits.

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Sound Masking speech privacy Yamaha's VSP-2 Speech Privacy System
Business executive interacting with each other soundmasking speech privacy needed

Why Speech Privacy Matters (and How to Achieve It)

Ever wanted to know the difference between speech-privacy systems and soundmasking systems? Watch this webinar to learn all…

News May 6
Acoustical Treatments AV-iQ Lencore Sound Masking
Lencore Acoustics is the latest company to join AV-iQ

Lencore Acoustics Joins AV-iQ

The latest company to join the AV-iQ platform is Lencore Acoustics. As a result, the audio manufacturer now…

News May 4
Sound Masking speech privacy
corporate boardroom meeting in need of commercial soundmasking

Soundmasking Expertise is Powering Commercial Acoustics’ Growth

Relying on exclusive vendor partner Lencore, the firm’s satisfied client base is growing.

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audio solutions hybrid office technology solutions Sound Masking Yamaha Unified Communications
Yamaha VSP-2 in white

Yamaha Announces VSP-2 Speech Privacy System

Yamaha's new VSP-2 Speech Privacy System comfortably masks private conversations in office spaces by leveraging its audio expertise.

News January 19
AtlasIED Sound Masking

Massive AtlasIED Sound-Masking Rollout in Calgary’s Tallest Building

Brookfield Place is a monumental showcase of advanced sound-masking technology, with businesses on 40 of the 56 floors…

Projects December 9
Audio Loudspeakers Paging Sound Masking
Biamp TesiraFORTE X Series

Biamp’s Winter 2021 Products: Processors, Speakers, Sound Masking, Paging, Automation

Biamp has released several new products, including audio processors, loudspeakers, paging systems, sound making systems and more.

News January 22
Lencore Sound Masking

How Integrators Can Implement More Sound Masking Solutions

Commercial Integrator surveyed its audience to learn more about how integrators implement sound masking solutions, and as it…

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