Barco Expands Innovations for ClickShare

Published: June 17, 2024
Photo courtesy of Barco.

Barco, provider of meeting-room technology, presented its latest concept for hybrid meeting experiences with ClickShare at InfoComm 2024. Per the company, the newest innovation expands the ClickShare experience beyond the meeting room and offers more inclusivity for remote participants by intelligently capturing the group dynamics.

ClickShare’s latest concept feature with smart camera and audio switching combines the meeting room camera with the integrated laptop cameras of in-room participants. The AI-powered capability switches between the room view and close-up views of the speakers, depending on the dynamics of the in-room conversation. ​This way, remote users get a better view of the group discussion and non-verbal cues. As a result, it leads to a more equitable meeting experience. This new concept will be released in 2025, says Barco.

According to a statement, delivering the best user experience in BYOD rooms has always been the focus for ClickShare. With the addition of the smart camera and audio switching, ClickShare expands its value for remote users. Meanwhile, the Smart Meeting Flows — a set of intent-based features — ensure an even more inclusive meeting experience for local participants.

Main Features

  • PresentSense is the ultrasound proximity detection that allows users to connect to the meeting room when they walk in with their laptop.
  • HostFlow automatically guides users as a host or participant at the start of a video meeting.
  • ConferenceView shows content and people side by side on the meeting-room display, ensuring remote participants remain part of the conversation.

“With ClickShare, all meeting participants can truly capture every angle of the conversation, no matter their location,” says Oliver Van Camp, product management lead at ClickShare. “From its very beginning, ClickShare has designed meeting room solutions with simplicity and user experience at its core. We have been continuously innovating to bridge the gap between remote and local participants in the hybrid workplace, bringing the ultimate collaboration experience to every BYOD room.”

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