Datapath on Aetria Control Room Solutions, Plans for InfoComm ’24

Published: May 24, 2024
Courtesy / Datapath

Datapath, the Derby, U.K.-based, provider of visual solutions, is set to revolutionize control rooms with a range of U.S. debuts at InfoComm 2024. In the face of the increasing number of control room challenges, Datapath has increased both its hardware and software portfolio for its Aetria solution, an integrated platform for control rooms of any size. In this exclusive Q&A with Datapath’s North American Director of Sales, Mark Bohs, explains more about the Aetria control room solutions and what visitors can expect to see at booth W2117.

Commercial Integrator: In terms of hands-on experience, what can visitors expect when they explore Aetria and other products at your InfoComm booth?

Mark Bohs

Mark Bohs, Director of Sales, The Americas, North America. Photo courtesy of Datapath.

Mark Bohs: InfoComm is always an exciting time for Datapath as it allows us to fully engage with customers and connections face-to-face. Control Room solutions and multi-end point video projects are typically unique, so we can tailor our demos to users’ specific needs. InfoComm allows us to listen to customers’ concerns, get to know their bespoke requirements and offer an effective solution.

CI: Can you elaborate on how Aetria enhances the control room experience and what makes it a central focus for your booth at InfoComm this year?

Bohs: Aetria enhances many elements of a control room but, ultimately, it comes down to maximizing efficiency. Perhaps most importantly, this comes in at end-user level, where operators can create layouts and viewing areas that best suit their role. Content can then be shared to a main videowall or, for example, a crisis room, to make decision making a more informed and quicker process. But right from the start, Aetria has design tools that assist with building efficient systems. Plus, system managers get the benefit of full operational control with full diagnostics.

CI: How does Aetria simplify the interaction and visualization of various data sources for control room operators?

Bohs: This is the key strength of Aetria, and the primary reason for its conception. As well as providing operators with ‘share anything, anywhere’ technology – including simultaneous video streams over different bandwidths – it is designed to be done as quickly and as simply as possible. With an easy to operate interface, this can be done at the touch of a button, via Aligo KVM or Aetria’s latest touch panel.

CI: With the introduction of Aetria Touch, how do you envision this dedicated touch panel improving the functionality and control of Aetria installations?

Bohs: It gives operators a choice of how they wish to work. For example, a busy control room could have a touch panel dedicated to crisis situations, where one touch could transform the main videowall to a specific emergency template. Its use is dictated by the user’s needs. Touch is designed to be flexible in its operation, working in harmony with all elements of the Aetria ecosystem.

CI: This year’s approach seems to be more ‘operator centric’ compared to previous years. What prompted this shift in perspective, and what benefits do you believe it brings to the control room experience?

Bohs: Investing in Aetria is about bringing the ultimate in efficient control room operations. This is driven by the operator so it makes sense to showcase how Aetria operates in this replicated environment. What’s more, by creating a control room at InfoComm, we can display a full solution by working with other trusted industry manufacturers. This means LED displays from Absen, mounting from B-Tech AV Mounts and latest control room consoles and furniture from Fountainhead. Booth visitors can see how it all works together in harmony, which is great for all parties.

at Aetria Touch

Visitors to Datapath’s booth (W2117) at InfoComm 2024, will get a look at Aetria Touch, a dedicated tablet device that provides finger-tip control of videowalls and workstations. Photo courtesy of Datapath.

CI: Looking beyond InfoComm, how do you plan to continue developing and enhancing the Aetria platform and other control room solutions to meet future challenges?

Bohs: Much like the environments in which Aetria operates, we are constantly working on ways in how we can improve operations. Our recently introduced VSN Mini300 is a perfect example of meeting a particular market requirement. Its slick form factor is designed to be inconspicuous and space conscious for the modern operator workstation environment, and can be used as either as a personal videowall controller/workstation within an Aetria environment or as a standalone videowall controller for small installations.

To meet future challenges, the VSNMini 300 supports the latest standards including 12th generation Intel processors (i9, i7, i5) and NVMe (M.2) SSD storage for maximum performance. Graphics and capture capabilities are provided via three PCIe slots that can be configured as required with Datapath’s image graphics, vision capture and ActiveSQX IP decode/encode cards.

CI: Is there anything else you’d like to add? Do you have any closing thoughts?

Bohs: The volumes of today’s ultra-high resolution video data is vast, and is only set to grow. Datapath has been innovating in this space for over 40 years and we are proud to bring world-first technology to market. All of the team are looking forward to greeting our customers at booth W2117,  and show them how our technology simplifies the management and monitoring of ultra-high resolution video data.

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