Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery Center Enhances Operations with weBoost Signal Booster

Published: April 19, 2024
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In today’s fast-paced digital world, staying connected is not just a convenience — it’s a necessity. When doctors, staff and patients at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery Center in Vero Beach, Florida experienced significant challenges due to the poor cell phone signal within their facility they knew they had to find a solution fast. With the help of Wilson Electronics’ weBoost cell phone signal boosters and an integration partner, the busy office was able to improve its business efficiency and patient experience overnight.

Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery Center combines innovative plastic surgery treatments and surfside relaxation. Owned by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Alan Durkin, a Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, the city’s seaside is one of the reasons why he fell in love with the Vero Beach location.

The private surgery center combines style and elegance with a state-of-the-art surgical facility in a warm and welcoming office environment. Patients can enjoy the privacy of overnight suites, VIP entrances, personalized medical attention, house calls and private duty nursing. In addition, the center provides patients with continuity of care through the centers’ Medical Spa, Laser Facility and Make-up Studio.

In its early stages, the office began in a 7,000 square feet area. Within a span of just 18 months, it expanded to encompass a 14,000 square foot space. This growth mirrored a doubling in both the employee count and client base.

The Cell Signal Challenge

Office staff made the decision to transition from traditional paper-based records to a fully digital system. Thus, allowing them to proactively email patients, enabling them to conveniently complete all necessary paperwork prior to their appointment. For patients that did not fill out the paperwork prior to their appointment were met with a cell phone signal challenge. Many clients were moving all about the office, moving close to the windows and front doors to capture the best cell phone signal — just to fill out pre-appointment paperwork. Patients and the front office staff could not get any signal, even after turning on and off their devices.

“Nobody was getting cell phone signal, at all, anywhere in the entire building,” recalls Keaton Benning, manager of medical technology at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery. “We knew it was an internal problem in our building. We noticed the more walls that were between us and the nearest window, the poorer the cell phone signal became. This led us to a realization that we needed to focus on bringing the signal inside the building, rather than relying on an outside signal.”

The office implemented a rewards system app to incentivize regular clients for referrals. However, the app’s functionality was hindered by the office’s Wi-Fi connection and required a powerful cell phone signal to operate efficiently. “Nobody likes slow internet. Our records are all digital; if the internet stops, the entire business stops,” says Benning.

Post-surgery, doctors provided their cell phone numbers to patients for immediate contact in case of any complications. However, the limited cell phone service within the building posed a significant challenge, preventing doctors from responding promptly to patient calls.

After doctors, staff and patients were experiencing significant challenges due to the poor cell phone signal within the facility, Benning knew he needed to find a solution quick. The issue was impacting critical aspects of the business, including effective communication and emergency responsiveness.

The weBoost Business Solution

After researching online, Keaton came across Wilson Electronics’ weBoost Office 200 signal booster for the office. He needed an ultra-powerful cell phone signal booster to cover the 14,000 square-foot building and he needed it at an affordable price. He also wanted a solution that required no subscription, only a one-time purchase and plug-and-play operation.

The weBoost Office 200 solution provides the flexibility of a DIY installation or a professionally scheduled setup through an integration partner. Despite initial concerns about installing in a two-story concrete building, Keaton found relief in being able to schedule an integration partner from Wilson Electronics for the installation as soon as the day after purchasing the booster. “Having Wilson Electronics’ integration partner install the system was a Godsend,” says Keaton. The professional installer was able to complete the installation in one day without disrupting the business’s daily operations.

For AV integrators looking to expand their service offerings and tap into new revenue streams, the installation of cell phone signal boosters presents an opportunity. The seamless integration of Wilson Electronics’ signal boosters not only serves as additional revenue when installing other systems, but also broadens integrators’ repertoire of services.

The beauty of cell phone signal booster installation lies in its low-risk nature, coupled with the absence of recurring subscription fees, making it an attractive solution for both integrators and customers alike. Moreover, these boosters are universally compatible with all U.S. carriers, eliminating the need for complex carrier-specific solutions. Additionally, full customer support is available through a U.S.-based phone center, ensuring that any post-installation queries or concerns can be promptly addressed.

The Result

After the successful implementation of the business-grade cell signal booster — the results were instantaneous. Now, patients can complete all necessary paperwork directly and securely on their smart devices, within the office, streamlining the check-in process and saving valuable time. The office’s front staff have expressed their satisfaction with the cell phone signal booster. They have been able to eliminate scanning, copying, and filing physical paperwork, increasing their efficiency.

Moreover, the solution has significantly improved connectivity within the building. Staff and patients alike now have the freedom to use their devices, no matter the carrier, anywhere in the facility, fostering better communication and convenience. For patients, this means they can reach any of the Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery doctors at any time, from any place within the building, enhancing the patient-doctor relationship and improving the overall patient experience.

The Office 200 signal booster was able to solve the office’s bandwidth issues that had previously been a concern. Which has resulted in smoother, more reliable digital operations, contributing to an overall improvement in the practice’s day-to-day functioning.

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