Peerless-AV Reflects on Digital Signage Projects, Product Selection Tips

Published: April 17, 2024
Composition by Commercial Integrator/Emerald.

In this exclusive Commercial Integrator interview, Megan Zeller, director of business development, Peerless-AV, shares insights on recent digital signage projects that Peerless-AV has been integral to. This conversation with the solutions provider is part of CI’s Videowall/Digital Signage Deep Dive, which is all over our site throughout April.

Zeller describes a remarkable collaboration with Samsung at Citi Field (home of the New York Mets), which launched just in time for opening day. She also alludes to a cruise terminal project on deck for completion this fall. That project alone has something like 22 LED walls as part of it. Plus, she touts a sports bar project that aligns with the resurgent hospitality industry.

What’s more, Zeller of Peerless-AV reflects on some best practices for digital signage product selection, emphasizing the criticality of selecting the right product for the right use case. She explains, “If it’s exterior, it needs to be a highly robust product.” That could mean hot-dipped galvanized steel product, for instance, along with powder coating.

Zeller also underlines the importance of doing your due diligence with regard to mounting. She says, “Peerless-AV takes things a bit further than some other mounting manufacturers. We actually go into measuring things on a granite surface plate, making sure that the tolerances are correct. And then we actually light those cabinets up.”

To watch the entire nine-minute Q&A hosted by CI associate editor Amala Reddie, please check out the embedded video below.

This content is, of course, part of our Videowall/Digital Signage Deep Dive, which is Commercial integrator’s biggest, most ambitious coverage of these categories for the entire year. Please keep your eyes glued to for more thought-leadership interviews. Plus, if you haven’t already, please check out Amala’s in-depth Deep Dive report.

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