Lencore Relaunches Lencore Silver Sound Masking Solution

Published: June 3, 2024
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Lencore Acoustics LLC has relaunched Lencore Silver, a sound masking solution designed to enhance privacy and acoustic comfort in various professional environments. As workplaces evolve, there is an increased demand for effective sound management solutions. Lencore Silver will meet these needs with state-of-the-art technology and improved features, the company says.

Lencore Silver and Sound Masking

The Lencore team engineered sound masking with Silver to blend into a room’s ambient background noise, effectively reducing the intelligibility of human speech and minimizing distractions. This process is crucial for maintaining acoustic privacy and comfort in workspaces.

“Silver was originally designed for masking only projects. However, it is now capable of being connected to our G8350 head-end to access System Manager, the GUI control software,” says Martin Cook, director of engineering at Lencore. “Users can add an MPI (G1505) to incorporate background music and paging. The addition of a head-end also allows the user to daisy chain other Silver units for more coverage and control all units from the System Manager. In effect, we have made Silver expandable as our customers’ needs grow.”

Main Features

The re-engineered Silver not only boasts a rack-mounted enclosure but also several unique selling points:

  • Four independent channels for tailored volume and contour adjustment per channel
  • Green Sound with a pre-configured curve and contour for optimal sound quality
  • Handheld remote for convenient adjustments
  • Expansive coverage of up to 6,000 square feet per unit

Silver is ideally suitable for small to medium-sized businesses with open office layouts, shared workspaces or in areas that require speech privacy and noise control. From executive and HR offices to open settings, conference rooms and hallways, Silver helps improve productivity and comfort while lowering speech intelligibility between rooms, adds Lencore.

Benefits of Using Lencore Silver

Businesses using Lencore Silver can expect significant returns on investment thanks to the system’s control flexibility, competitive pricing and easy installation. Its scalability ensures that businesses have future proofing against evolving acoustic challenges. Silver is not only a cost-effective solution but also an essential tool for modern office environments.

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