Office environment where soundmasking would be a good addition., Lencore RedRock

Add-On Soundmasking Sales are Business Rocket Fuel

RedRock Technologies leverages its relationship with Lencore to deliver soundmasking that earns high margins and delivers everyday benefits.

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Supply Chain Strategies to Mitigate Risk

There’s no silver bullet to simply “fix” current supply chain issues, but integration business owners can mitigate the risks they face.

Lencore Acoustics is the latest company to join AV-iQ

Lencore Acoustics Joins AV-iQ

The latest company to join the AV-iQ platform is Lencore Acoustics. As a result, the audio manufacturer now has an AV-iQ showroom.

Webinar: Helping Corporate Clients Return to the Office

Are your corporate clients scrambling to solve the challenge of returning to their offices? This webinar will give you a roadmap.

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3 Misconceptions About Sound Masking: Episode 131 of AV+

Lencore breaks down 3 misconceptions many IT directors have about sound masking & how integrators can sell the true value these systems pose.

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How Sound Masking Works & Selling Better Systems: Episode 112 of AV+

Sound masking systems are technically complex, but it doesn’t have to be a scary system to sell & install. We break it down on ep. 112 of AV+.

How Integrators Can Implement More Sound Masking Solutions

Commercial Integrator surveyed its audience to learn more about how integrators implement sound masking solutions, and as it turns out education may be the biggest boon to installing more of these systems.

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The State of Sound Masking in 2020: Episode 107 of AV+

This week, we’re taking another break from Coronavirus-related stories to check in on a category we’ve seen grow every year: sound masking.

Lencore sound masking

Q&A: Dan Jacobs of Lencore Acoustics on the State of Sound Masking

Lencore has long been a provider of audio system solutions for various environments, and after a recent acquisition that won’t be changing.

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The Behavioral Science Behind Mass Notification

Understanding the research behind code- and psychology-based mass notification system design best practices can help security and AV companies deliver effective solutions.