Q&A: Dan Jacobs of Lencore Acoustics on the State of Sound Masking

Published: May 29, 2020

Lencore’s sound masking division was recently acquired by Emmis, and Commercial Integrator spoke with the the CEO of Lencore, Dan Jacobs, to discuss what the acquisition by Emmis means for the company, its integration channel, and end users utilizing Lencore sound masking products. We also discussed how they plan to continue to build on the sound masking division moving forward as part of Emmis.

How will Lencore’s sound masking division transition into being a part of Emmis?

Lencore will continue to operate as a standalone business unit with the benefits of a larger organization. Emmis offers access to infrastructure and talented personnel that will allow the Lencore team and brand to flourish. The culture is already a strong fit between the two companies. With the family atmosphere at Lencore, which we want to maintain, and a strong Midwestern family focused attitude of Emmis, we are a perfect pairing.

How will this acquisition affect integrators that work with Lencore’s sound masking division?

We believe that integrators are going to be excited about this acquisition as there is nothing but upside. Lencore has always been known to deliver the highest quality sound in the masking industry. Emmis offers Lencore the ability to improve the little things and really deliver a superior customer experience such as faster quote and production turn-around, accelerated payment schedules, and a stronger partnerships through distribution. Lencore is a powerful engine and Emmis is giving us the tune-up to get even more horsepower out of the company.

What is the long-term strategy for product development now that the division is a part of Emmis?

Our innovation strategy has not changed. Lencore has always been known as the technology leader in the sound masking market. Innovations, like the ability to create almost endless zones and channels to expertly tune and balance a space according to the acoustical consultant or end users requirements, has become the standard in the industry on which all systems are judged.

CEO of Lencore Dan Jacobs

Our team of engineers, along with a great number of integrators and end users that challenge the team with new use cases or system requirements, will continue to innovate at an even greater pace with the help of the Emmis team.

How should customers continue to work with Lencore post acquisition?

Lencore Acoustics LLC will continue to support all sound masking, paging and audio customers, past and present. We value their partnership and appreciate their business! Lencore stands behind Classic, Spectra Gold and i.Net systems – the best sound masking in the market providing exceptional privacy and comfort.

Currently Emmis primarily owns media companies. Why did Emmis seek to acquire Lencore’s sound masking division?

There is a lot of interest in the sound masking industry due to its current growth rate and available market opportunity. Whether it is through strategic consolidation or competitive partnerships, there is a positive movement in this space because of this potential.

Emmis has a very passionate and intelligent team of executives who have looked at their landscape and asked the question, “How do we best leverage our talent?” They responded by exploring opportunities in companies that are healthy and profitable, but required resources they can provide to take the business to the next level.

Our management team is staying in tact and we are getting the resources, through man-power, infrastructure and financial support that fits with a strategic growth plan. The Lencore team is thrilled with the acquisition and the opportunities that Emmis will help provide.

As far as the Lencore team goes, how can integrators get in touch to ensure they’re reaching out to the correct representatives?

The simplest way is to dial our office main number, 516-682-9292 or fill out the Contact Us Form on We monitor both methods of communication and will properly route the information to the appropriate contact. We look forward to partnering with integrators who want to get more involved or expand their product portfolio in sound masking.

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