Nard’s Entertainment’s John Carroll on AV Trends in Commercial Spaces

Published: April 26, 2024

In an exclusive interview with Commercial Integrator, John Carroll of Nard’s Entertainment shares valuable insights on impactful trends in commercial environments, particularly as they affect the design and deployment of AV systems.

For example, Carroll discusses how the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have changed the physical footprint of offices. This includes the consolidation of once-sprawling spaces and the inevitable elimination of some boardrooms and huddle spaces. How, then, should integrators be designing and deploying collaboration and conferencing systems for maximum effectiveness? Carroll shares his insights.

Later in the interview, Carroll touches on the benefits of URC keypads in amenity spaces – a core market for his company – and shares his philosophy about how minimizing buttons to ensure an easy user interface ultimately shapes his technology choices throughout the entire deployment. As Carroll puts it, “Now that I’ve got the five buttons that I need, what equipment allows me to make those five buttons all that I need?” That thinking guides him when it comes to video distribution, audio distribution and more.

To watch the full 12-minute Q&A with John Carroll of Nard’s Entertainment, check out the embedded video below.

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