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product development quality hardware software applications
Stool symbolizing quality hardware, software and experiences.

The Three-Legged Stool of Quality: How Companies Should Invest in Hardware, Software & Experiences

The three-legged stool — hardware, software & experiences — need to be balanced and supported equally to ensure…

AV as a Business AVaaB BLC Excellence in Business Operations generation gap Leadership XBO
NSCA BLC 2024 attendees

Our Industry’s Generation Gap

Companies in the integration industry often enjoy great leadership, but they lack a pipeline of next-generation directors and…

Commercial Integrator new website for Commercial Integrator

Commercial Integrator Launches Refreshed Website

Commercial Integrator unveils new website, underlining our commitment to giving integrators the tools they need for greater success.

Sound Masking survey
Group of business people having a meeting or brainstorming in a boardroom, sound masking technology

Add Your Voice to CI’s Sound Masking Survey

Take our sponsored sound masking survey and help us uncover important trends that could help make a difference…

AV Living Legends Shen Milsom & Wilke
Marc Hochlerin with his dog.

Shen Milsom & Wilke’s Marc Hochlerin: AV Living Legends #46

Shen Milsom & Wilke's Marc Hochlerin is the latest industry rockstar to join the Commercial Integrator #AVLivingLegends series.

AV AV Brains & Brawn IoT IT security
chain links

Coming of Age and Coming Together

The barriers that separate AV, IT and security are coming down, creating the opportunity for integrators to embrace…

ABL Alesia Hendley CTS-D CTS-D certification Perfecting Your Craft Sam Young
Ambitious businessman climbing the stairs to success, Ambitious businessman climbing the stairs to success. concept of career path success, future planning and business

Can Industry Credentials Be Career Jet Fuel?

This month, we spotlight Sam Young, whose “always be learning” mantra is best exemplified by a hard-earned CTS-D…

Construction Hardware integrator insights security Software
security challenges in construction

Five Key Security Challenges in Construction

SecurAlarm's Brent Van Haren shares some top takeaways to minimize pain and lower risk when securing new constructions.


Turning AI Mystery Into AI Strategy

Three ways AV integrators can transform the AI hype into impactful business solutions.

business investments enterprise AV generative AI
AI and a brain embedded in a processing unit network.

Four Questions to Guide High-Impact Enterprise AI Integrations

22Miles' Tomer Mann provides four questions to guide integrators in evaluating and recommending the right AI investments to…

AV as a Business Budget budgeting checklist system financial systems
AvoIP product survey, Checklist concept, businessman taking online checklist survey, filling out digital form checklist

Is Your Integration Company Budget Vetted Properly?

Even seasoned integration company professionals can forget important aspects of budgeting preparation. This checklist can help make sure…

AV/IT convergence enterprise AV
Trends for AV in 2024 including USB-C.

AV/IT Integration Trends in Enterprise Operations To Look Out For

Userful's Jamey Miles notes that staying abreast of AV/IT integration trends is imperative in providing modernized enterprise-class solutions…

AI E4 E4 Experience Gary Kayye Microsoft Teams Room Perfecting Your Craft Sharath Abraham Tom Kehr XR
Chicago E4 Kickoff Throwback Photo

Embrace the Experience

The 2024 season of E4 Experience events has officially kicked off, with lots of additions to make this…

Business Strategy Collaboration PSA security integrators security Security Integrators
PSA TEC 2024

The Best Security Integrators Use Collaboration to Unlock Success

Security business owners can experience unmatched collaboration, learning opportunities and financial benefits as a member of PSA.

AV Business RMM
Stack of coins with graph chart growth up.

Taking Your AV Business Forward in 2024: Is Your RMM Good Enough?

Andrew Gross of Xyte explains why remote management and monitoring (RMM) is the bedrock for future-proofing your AV…



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