Lencore: Mass Notification Is an Opportunity for AV Integrators to Grab

Published: 2018-02-02

In a sense, Lencore is saying to AV integration firms: What are you waiting for? Mass notification is poised to be an $11 billion market by 2022, it says, and integrators are well-equipped to grab profitable opportunities.

In its latest video, Lencore challenges AV integration firms to add value not just to their businesses but to solve vital challenges for their customers by providing necessary mass notification components such as an audio distribution system.

[related]There is significant demand for mass notification systems with well-designed audio distribution – and that demand is spurred by regulations.

The National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) code 72, has requirements for communication that must be met. Specifically, a Mass Notification system must provide for acoustically distinguishable spaces (ADS) as well as meet the sound transmission index for public address (STIPA). Together, these performance standards help to achieve “intelligibility,” which is another requirement within NFPA72.

AV integration firms “already possess the skills to provide a communication system to achieve code compliance,” says Lencore in its video.

Meanwhile, Lencore says it has the only soundmasking system that can support mass notification and it offers a mass notification system that includes soundmasking for free, according to the video.

Lencore challenges AV integrator by offering to educate and certify them on its systems offerings and adds that it will “do the design work for free.”

More Mass Notification Resources from Lencore:

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MNEC (mass notification emergency communications) systems can alert those in harm’s way using audio, video and lighting.

They can provide information clearly, reliably and in a timely manner. MNEC is a simple mnemonic for a complex proposition. While strobes, emergency house lighting and digital signage are important components of a proper MNEC system its audio elements are what most clearly distinguish an MNEC system from a standard paging system.

“Too many AV integrators seem to leave MNEC systems to security systems vendors,” says David Smith, vice president of marketing at Lencore, which develops system solutions used in corporate and other environments for applications such as sound masking, paging, audio and MNEC solutions. “In the process, they’re leaving money on the table as well as the chance to bring significant new benefits to their customers.”

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