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Lencore is an audio and acoustics company that specializes in solutions for Mass Notification and Emergency Communication (MNEC), sound masking, paging, audio and more.

According to the company, “we see a world where the workplace is safer, more productive and privacy matters; a world where communication is instantaneous and clear; a world where the environment is as ideal for an individual as it is for group collaboration.

What is Mass Notification?

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Essentially, this means a platform that alerts community members, parents, authorities, etc. of an emergency through one-way communication (like text alerts).

Savvy integrators — especially those who specialize in audio and digital signage — are beginning to realize how valuable it can be to branch out into mass notification solutions.

Integrators that can tie audio and visual tools to life safety systems have an advantage when working with college and school officials.

The expertise from being an AV integrator is applicable to MNEC, since AV specialists already know the ins and outs of audio intelligibility, speech transmission and digital signage.

What Is Sound Masking?

The concept of sound masking, essentially covering up distracting noise, is gaining popularity for some very logical reasons.

As organizations evolve their office spaces from traditional office-and-cubicle layouts to more open-design environments, distracting noise becomes more of a factor. Sure, the open office space may lead to better collaboration between employees, but it also allows noise to travel freely.

Equipping offices with sound masking is an effort to create a productive work environment.

Those responsible for planning office spaces, in conjunction with a system designer or integrator, ought to consider sound masking as a tool for increasing collaboration without losing the comfortable, private setting that allows for focus and hard work.

Lencore specializes in sound masking, calling it a solution that aims to achieve speech privacy and comfort.

How Does Sound Masking Work?

According to Lencore, sound masking works by introducing a spectrum of noise which gently raises the ambient background sound in order to cover, or mask, speech.

Sound masking works by introducing a spectrum of noise which gently raises the ambient background sound in order to cover, or mask, speech.

Speech Privacy is achieved by raising the noise level to a point that makes conversations unintelligible.

Comfort is achieved through the quality and range of the sound produced.

Every office, every space has unique sound masking challenges.

As such, Lencore helps customer by providing guidelines on what systems might be most effective for a particular facility’s needs.

“From single, desktop units to a couple hundred square feet to a few million square feet spread out globally, Lencore has a solution that meets your objectives for speech privacy, comfort and communication,” writes Lencore on its website.

Learn more about Lencore’s i.Net Sound Masking technology here.

Jonathan Leonard, president of Lencore Acoustics, has called sound masking an “acoustical comfort,” a simple device aimed at raising ambient background sound without any noise distraction. He discussed best practices for sound masking in an interview with Commercial Integrator.

Meanwhile, Lencore is focused on educating organizations, end users and integrators about the value — and in some cases necessity for — sound masking.

What Are Paging Systems?

At the heart of Lencore’s offerings are audio paging systems. Whether customers require audio or paging throughout a building, specific floor, department or office, Lencore aims to have a solution.

Lencore’s IndePage Technology, for instance, enables the paging and audio to be completely adjustable and independent both centrally and locally.

How do Paging Systems Work?

Lencore has engineered a paging solution that delivers audio and intelligible paging in one of three ways:

  • Independently as a designed system
  • As an integral part of a solution delivering sound masking, audio and paging, virtually giving you three systems for the price of one
  • By integrating with independent, existing speaker components

On its website, Lencore describes how it designs system layouts to meet the SpeechTransmission Index for Public Address (STIPA) which helps to determine intelligibility within a space.

It’s not good enough for a page to be well; it has to be easy to understand, as well.

Paging Systems and Audio

Lencore, at its core, is an audio company. Those roots have led to its success in paging systems.

With Lencore’s Music Page Interface (MPI) there is no need for additional cable home-runs, amplifiers, separate equalizers, special switching equipment or matching vendors for compatible product interfaces.

MPI technology  can make zone additions, modifications, deletions and other changes to the paging system on the fly, without rewiring, according to Lencore.

This eliminates the need for running multiple home runs back to the electrical closet or through building risers to create separate or additional zones.

From Lencore’s site:

When connected to Lencore’s networked systems, the MPI provides the ability to program up to 100 zones including an all call/emergency broadcast page, using standard DTMF tones through a POTS telephone wire.

The system is also programmed for all call and emergency broadcast paging. The system’s easy to use full one octave band equalizer can be adjusted to either individual zones or can be adjusted for all zones – providing exceptional fine tuning capabilities.

It’s easy to add paging to Lencore’s other systems by adding an amplifier. All call paging, zoned paging, voice over IP, paging through phone system, security and life safety page; all can be done through these systems.

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