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Jay Rogina Software XTEN-AV
Jay Rogina joins XTEN-AV Board

Jay Rogina Joins XTEN-AV as an Advisory Board Member

Jay Rogina joins XTEN-AV's advisory board, bringing 35 years of industry expertise to help the AV software firm's…

News April 17
Artificial Intelligence InfoComm 2023 VR technology XTEN-AV
XTEN-AV at InfoComm 2023

XTEN-AV On Product Launch, Innovation Plans at InfoComm ’23

CI chats with XTEN-AV about the company's new product launch, emerging AI and VR trends, and interactive experiences…

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AI patent Software XTEN-AV
XTEN-AV has earned a utility patent.

XTEN-AV Obtains Utility Patent for its AI-Based Drawings Technology

XTEN-AV says the patent further increases the reliability of the systems-design software, created with AV-specific capabilities.

News August 30
22Miles Digital Signage Recurring Revenue
22Miles executive opines on key digital signage opportunities.

Digital Signage Opportunities: Digging Deeper

Digital signage opportunities abound for integrators that embrace a consultative approach, advising clients on the best solutions.

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AV News to Know logo for people in new places.

AV News to Know March 5, 2021: New Products, Cool Projects and People in New Places

In this week’s edition: XTEN-AV launches referral program, Epson gets colorful with Crayola exhibit and AV companies find…

Video March 5
Harman Quoting Software XTEN-AV
XTEN-AV design software partners with Harman Pro

XTEN-AV Partners with Harman to Streamline

XTEN-AV's partnership with Harman expected to streamline the flow of accurate information about new products on the AV…

News January 6
XTEN-AV Cloud platform

XTEN-AV’s Platform Partners With Well-Known Industry Brands

XTEN-AV has announced several partnerships with other AV brands as it continues to expand its catalogue of products.…

News February 7
ISE ISE 2020 Project Management & Design/Web Software Software XTEN-AV
XTEN-AV XDraw, audio visual design

XTEN-AV Announces X-DRAW, an Audio Visual Design Drawing & Editing Tool

XTEN-AV XDraw is an audio visual design tool that houses all the blocks of products added in the…

News February 4

QSC Product Info Now a Part of the XTEN-AV Platform

A partnership between XTEN-AV and QSC will bring an information flow to XTEN users about QSC products as…

News January 28
3 Questions AI Artificial Intelligence Software XTEN-AV
AV design, XTEN-AV

What if Your AV Design Documents Could be Automated? 3 Questions with XTEN-AV

XTEN-AV software helps integrators save time by using AI and machine learning to automate tedious documents typically done…

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XTEN-AV Database

XTEN-AV Database and AV-iQ Partnership Covers 500 Products

XTEN-AV Database Powered by AV-iQ includes more than 500,000 products to help professional integrators easily create system designs.

News November 11
Proposals Sales Proposal Systems XTEN-AV
XTEN-AV Software, Zoom Rooms proposal tool

XTEN-AV Software with New Design Templates will Launch at CEDIA 2019

XTEN-AV software update to the new Zoom Rooms proposal tool is designed to increase the productivity of integrators,…

News September 6
Epson InfoComm InfoComm 2019 Installation Tools & Testers Platinum Tools Structured Cable Products XTEN-AV
AV installer tools, InfoComm 2019

These AV Installer Tools, Gadgets and Software Solutions Make Life in the Field Easier

Some of the most engaged crowds at InfoComm 2019 gathered around demonstrations of AV installer tools, gadgets &…

Video June 24
InfoComm InfoComm 2019 Software XTEN-AV
XTEN-AV InfoComm 2019

XTEN-AV InfoComm 2019 Preview: Comprehensive AV Design Software

Find a comprehrensive tool for AV design at the XTEN-AV InfoComm 2019 booth. Choose products & specs, generate…

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Cloud Software XTEN-AV
XTEN-AV Cloud platform

XTEN-AV Cloud Platform Streamlines Project Design

The newly announced XTEN-AV Cloud platform is designed to help integrators easily create diagrams and other types of…

News May 15
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