QSC Product Info Now a Part of the XTEN-AV Platform

Published: January 28, 2020

XTEN-AV and QSC announce a manufacturer partnership to streamline the flow of accurate information about new products on the XTEN-AV platform. As part of this association, XTEN-AV and QSC will work in tandem to provide constant updates and product information to users of the platform for creating AV designs.

The information flow to users about QSC products will empower them to achieve excellent client success ratios and minimize bid creation times, says a joint press release.

What is XTEN-AV’s platform?

XTEN-AV’s cloud-based platform uses machine learning to assist systems designers with determining the needs of an AV project, recommending the products, and creating automated wiring diagrams, bills of materials, and end-customer proposals within minutes.

QSC manufactures the Q-SYS software-based audio, video & control ecosystem as well as high-performance amplifiers, loudspeakers, and digital mixers.

Vibhav Singh & Sahil Dhingra, co-founders of XTEN-AV said, “The provision of accurate information from a prestigious brand like QSC and its solutions will help the XTEN-AV users immensely. In sharing comprehensive product specs and data from QSC and other manufacturers, we know XTEN-AV will drive more systems designers will migrate to these particular solutions.

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“Since XTEN-AV’s launch, we have received great feedback from multiple manufactures about how the platform is bringing a higher efficiency in the industry. This further validates our stance that capable software will bring tangible changes in the AV space.”

“At QSC, we are always looking for ways to help integrators streamline the design and installation process,” says Frank West, Senior Director of Sales, QSC Systems.

“We are thrilled to partner with like-minded providers like XTEN-AV who use the software-based methodology to simplify the integration process and ultimately drive overall adoption”.

XTEN-AV will demonstrate QSC brand & product integration on the platform at the upcoming ISE 2020 show in Amsterdam, from Feb 11th-14th, at Booth #7-N190. To learn more about XTEN-AV, visit their website.

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