XTEN-AV Launches New Feature for Platform

Published: 2021-10-27

XTEN-AV, the AI-powered, cloud-based AV design software, announced the launch of the XTEN-AV KnowledgeBase.

According to the company, KnowledgeBase is a repository of exhaustive information about the functioning, scope, and potentials of the XTEN-AV platform developed to offer a better understanding of the product to its users. Additionally, XTEN-AV stated that the KnowledgeBase categorically organizes information about the platform which enables users to identify their query and garner solutions in an effortless manner.

XTEN-AV added that KnowledgeBase empowers its users with an index of information, facilitating the end-to-end automation along with integration with chat support and easy access to abundant data. They further highlighted that the aim of KnowledgeBase is to facilitate effortless navigation on the XTEN-AV platform, provide higher client success ratios, and increase efficiency.

Vibhav Singh and Sahil Dhingra, co-founders of XTEN-AV, emphasized that they try to make the XTEN-AV platform as user-friendly as possible with every new feature rollout.


“Cutting edge technology needs to be supported by efficient problem-solving to ensure that our users can draw maximum benefits of the platform. At XTEN-AV, we pride ourselves on providing our users with best-in-the-market support, to create professional AV projects that best suit their requirements,” said Singh and Dhingra.

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