2024 Digital Signage and Videowall Report

Commercial Integrator’s Digital Signage and Videowall Deep Dive spotlights the prospects for integrators in different markets, as well as in content-as-a-service offerings.

In today’s era of technology, it is nearly impossible to walk around any retail, corporate or even hospitality establishment without stopping to admire and examine the stunning displays. Without a doubt, these displays have become an indispensable feature in our professional lives, as well as our personal lives.

Within the AV industry itself, digital signage and video-wall projects have risen exponentially, with integrators seeking to fulfill clients’ need to relay information quickly and accurately while ensuring a vivid, immersive experience for all. Moreover, digital signage and videowalls represent measurable return on investment and concrete results for integrators and end users alike.

This year’s Deep Dive report delves into rising trends and technologies affecting integrators’ overall business, the burgeoning impact of content creation services and the growing need for sustainability.

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