GPO Display Q&A on a Project-Based Approach to Videowall Installs

Published: April 23, 2024
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With digital signage and videowall technologies dominating the market, Commercial Integrator’s annual Deep Dive report delves into the different rising trends and technologies impacting integrators’ overall business. As part of this Deep Dive, CI sat down with Sean Driscoll, VP of sales, GPO Display, to gain a better perspective on custom videowall installations.

In this interview, Driscoll dives into the hands-on “project-based” approach to videowalls that GPO Display embraces. This goes from determining the best display fit, to providing or recommending mounts, to staging/configuring/color calibrating videowalls to order, to offering pre-installation remote training, as well as responsive technical support during and beyond installation.

Read on to see what Driscoll has to say about “the GPO Difference” and how it ensures successful installations for integrators and clients alike!

Commercial Integrator: Can you give us some insight into GPO Display’s background, its mission and its vision when it comes to the integrator channel?

Sean Driscoll: GPO Display got its start as a manufacturer of backend electronics, or “open frame kits.” Think of these kits as the backbone, brains and “guts” of LCD displays — everything but the LCD panel and housing. In the early 2010s, we decided to begin assembling our own displays under our own GPO brand. This gave us greater control over things like quality assurance and panel uniformity. It also gave us the ability to focus on the specific requirements of individual projects.

This is where our current mission took shape. We used the deep, sub-component familiarity with displays gained as a backend manufacturer to develop, produce and support cutting-edge, customizable display solutions. Our lineup has broadened to include everything from Transparent OLEDs to Power-over-Ethernet Panoramic LCDs. We’re able to support these products with responsive, one-on-one support and minor things that can be taken for granted, such as speedy firmware updates in response to issues encountered in the field. It’s all summarized in our slogan, “Visual solutions created for you.”

Commercial Integrator: How does GPO Display differ from other manufacturers when it comes to videowall installations?

Sean Driscoll: We assemble our LCD video wall displays to order, allowing us to sort panels according to production runs and color/brightness characteristics. We’re also able to sort out panels with uniformity issues, as we hold the LCD panels that we use to a higher standard than the panel makers themselves. It also allows us to stage and preconfigure displays. If a client needs a 4×2, that’s how it will be calibrated and configured in our shop. We can even provide additional pre-packing photos with specific content or test patterns displayed upon request.

Another differentiator is our exclusive mounting solutions. Our H-Mounts make installation and alignment easier than their front-serviceable counterparts. More importantly, they maintain display alignment over the course of an installation’s lifetime, preventing the alignment “drift” we’ve encountered when using other mounting solutions. We even make custom-built permanent floor stands which are perfect for permanent, freestanding installations.

Commercial Integrator: Can you talk a little about “the GPO Difference”? How does that manifest in installations?

Sean Driscoll: The “GPO Difference” begins long before installation. As a project-oriented manufacturer, we like to ensure that our needs analyses are all-encompassing. That means ensuring that everything from electrical to control to futureproofing is considered. We schedule pre-install calls with first-time users of our H-Mounts and offer final commissioning services when higher-level support is needed to ensure a smooth handoff to the end user. The difference doesn’t end there, or even after the warranty term. We offer real-time free phone support regardless of how and when you came to be responsible for our products.

Commercial Integrator: When it comes to providing support for clients, how does GPO Display assure quality and customer satisfaction?

Sean Driscoll: As far as quality is concerned, we have combined our large-scale rollout experience with the attention to detail that comes with small-scale production. Our experience has led us to source high-grade components such as capacitors and scaler chips from dependable, established manufacturers. Our approach allows us to pay close attention to detail in production and QA.

The pursuit of customer satisfaction starts well before production, with needs analysis and the quasi-consultative role we play as a manufacturer. We ensure that the end user’s needs are centered and are careful not to push a display into a space where it will not be the best fit for the client’s budget and intended use. While we don’t manufacture projectors or direct-view LEDs, we may concede that one of these approaches may be better suited to a particular application than LCD after considering environmental and budgetary factors, for example.

Conversely, we can recommend complementary products to enhance the user experience of an LCD video wall, such as a Panoramic Display positioned above a videowall or interactive table adding a tactile component to the installation. We follow this up with accessible after-sale support. You will always be able to reach a human being quickly, whether by email or telephone, at GPO Display.

Commercial Integrator: Is there anything we have not asked that you would like to talk about? If yes, please feel free to do so.

Sean Driscoll: GPO Display is distinct from other display manufacturers in our ability to provide not only a wide range of display technologies but TAA-compliance in all of them. Almost all of our displays are 24/7-rated and suitable for high-security applications, as no Smart TV features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RF or NFC are included.

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