Is This COVID-Killing Computer Display Your Way into Wellness?

Air purification tactics have evolved with robots, ceiling tiles. Now the Air-Clenz Computer Monitor captures and purifies exhaled air before it can spread.

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Is This COVID-Killing Computer Display Your Way into Wellness?


There might be a simple way for integrators to jump into the indoor air quality market with their home office and commercial clients via this computer monitor with built-in air purification system.

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Trade Show (CES)Air-Clenz will showcase its Air-Clenz Computer Monitor and Air-Clenz Laptops System. The systems use proprietary Air-Clenz technology. It takes the air exhaled by users in front of the computer screen, captures it and purifies it with up to 99.97% effectiveness. Air-Clenz is an emerging technology company in the category of air quality control.

It was also revealed that the monitors and systems were able to capture and clean 95% of all air exhaled by the user. This came from a third-party testing from Resolved Analytics of Durham, N.C. The firm specializes in the field of computational fluid dynamics and Multiphysics simulations.

“Traditional heating, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC) systems were never designed to prevent the spread of viruses. With vents located on a room’s exterior walls, they pull air across a room, past people, and can in many cases increase transmission rates,” Dr. Anita Broach, Air-Clenz chief scientist, says. “While conventional air purifiers are somewhat better, only Air-Clenz can quickly capture and clean exhaled air before it disperses within a room’s indoor environment.”

Air-Clenz Debuts its Computer Monitor and Laptop Systems at CES 2022

The technology works twofold. It has an exhaled air collector that corrals a person’s exhaled air. It also has an exhaled purification chamber that uses HEPA filters to clean contaminants and viral particles. These include COVID, its variants, influenza and the common cold.

Recently, the company announced that this propriety technology is currently being licensed to monitor, laptop and air purifier manufacturers. The tech can be built into the monitor during the manufacturing process. Or it can be retrofitted afterwards to an existing monitor. And, according to Air-Clenz, the cost is paid back with the first avoided sick day.

The laptop system, meanwhile, works much like a docking station. It activates once the laptop is plugged in. The device then captures and cleans both the exhaled air and surrounding air.

It is not meant to replace HVAC systems or air purifiers by any means. However, the Air-Clenz technology stands as a great supplement to any air purification or disease prevention strategy. It can also potentially give business decision-makers another tool in their belt for keeping building occupants safe and healthy.

This article originally appeared on Commercial Integrator’s sister site DesignWell365.

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