Audio Everywhere Streaming Device and App Hits DSE 2015

Local audio solution allows streaming of audio from TVs or digital signage via an app.

CI Staff

Prior to Digital Signage Expo 2015 there haven’t been a lot of integrators who have heard of Audio Everywhere, a local audio solution that allows people to listen to content from TVs or digital signage, for instance, via an app on their phone.

Those who have, however, may provide customers across most vertical markets with a relatively affordable add-on that significantly enhances end users’ experience.

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Lance Glasser, founder of Audio Everywhere, doesn’t expect integrators to lead a lot of sales presentations with his solution. At $2,000 to $3,000 per typical sale plus about $99 per month for service he recommends integrators offer the solution as an add-on for many hospitality, museum, entertainment, education and digital signage customers.

Picture sports bar or casino patrons being able to sit at a bar and listen to audio from any of the many games displayed via phone earbuds. Imagine video content easily translated into multiple languages. How about folks tapping into museum tours and educational seminars through the phones in their pockets? This is not to mention health club applications, which are obvious.

While this may all sound familiar, Glasser says Audio Everywhere offers competitive advantages that can give integrators confidence when providing the solution to customers.

Art of Lip Syncing

Some of the first local audio solutions to market “did a very poor job with lip sync,” Glasser says. “We have excellent lip sync and the difference is that we know how to send it over Wi-Fi and not over the Internet. When you get the lip sync right, it’s lovely. You can’t tell the difference between perfection and what we have.”

Recurring Revenue Opportunities

Monthly Audio Everywhere service may cost about $99, but Glasser recommends integrators roll that into a monthly service package. “This thing is cloud managed, so integrators don’t have to roll a truck when something goes down. You log in remotely and you figure out what happened.” Integrators, meanwhile, can encourage their clients to recoup their monthly costs by leveraging third-party advertising opportunities on Audio Everywhere’s app.

Easy System Installation

The Audio Everywhere system has three parts—the app, the media player that connects the audio sources to the venue’s local area network, and a central cloud server. There are two installation scenarios that integrators will run into, Glasser says; one easy, the other easier.

“The one we like most is when the receivers are in a rack in a back room somewhere near the router. It’s easy to hook up because we can pull audio directly off the receiver,” he says. “The harder one is when people are worried about running long HDMI cables from TVs and they put the receivers right behind the TVs. It’s harder, but it’s what integrators do all the time.”

Audio Everywhere
Audio Everywhere’s solution consists of three parts: the Apps, the ExXtractor appliance (shown) that connects the audio sources to the local area network in the venue, and a central cloud server that helps manage systems all over the world

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