ConnectWise Unite

ConnectWise Launches Unite Cloud Monitoring, Management and Billing Solution

CEO Arnie Bellini’s IT Nation Europe keynote reveals plans for an advanced security dashboard pilot program launch in May on top of ConnectWise Unite.

AV over IP, Userful, video wall cloud management, DSE 2018, Userful

Userful Video Wall Cloud Management Solves Scalability Challenges

At DSE 2018, Userful video wall cloud management was launched, creating a solution for controlling large-scale deployments.

BrightSign, digital signage players, BrightSign Series 3, SignageLive

BrightSign Series 3 Digital Signage Players Now Have SignageLive Support

The entire line of BrightSign Series 3 digital signage media players now have full SignageLive support.

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Cover Your AAS: 4 Questions Reveal If You’re Ready for an As-a-Service Model

Take our quiz to rate how well you understand an as-a-service versus a transaction-based business model.

AV Equipment

What AV Equipment Is Cloud-Friendly?

Some components are great fits to connect to your customers’ cloud while others will create problems. Here’s a guide to finding cloud-friendly AV equipment.

The Biggest Digital Signage Innovations Everyone Will Be Talking about This Year

With interactivity, OLED, mobile “cloud” control capabilities and other significant digital signage innovations on the rise, integration firms have the opportunity to take their digital signage businesses to the next level.

5 Ways Ramp Partnership Shows HB Communications Is Serious about Video

Video delivery and streaming provider Ramp partnering up with integration firm HB Communications is a big deal, but not for the reasons you’d probably guess.

How the Cloud Brings System Integrators More RMR Opportunities

As cloud services become more and more available in the security industry, there will be opportunities for integrators to provide more managed services and thus gain more RMR from their clients.

For Internet of Things, Legrand Is Its Own Trojan Horse

Launching its ELIOT Internet of Things development program in North America, Legrand looks to leverage devices already in millions of commercial and residential buildings.

Nothing but Cloud: Why You Should Offer AV as a Service

Putting ‘nothing-but-cloud’ AV and its top-to-bottom management into the hands of expert partners lets an enterprise keep its focus on its business goals—and leave the rest to the experts.