disguise Acquires Polygon Labs

Published: 2022-03-07

London, UK-based disguise today announced its acquisition of New York-based Polygon Labs. disguise marks another milestone in its move toward cloud-based production. Indeed, the company says this will enhance its workflow to better address user needs in the media-production and broadcast markets. disguise is, of course, the visual storytelling platform and a leader in extended reality (xR) solutions. Polygon Labs, meanwhile, is a broadcast data and content-visualization solutions platform.

disguise boasts 20 years’ experience powering big, complex live shows and concert tours. Then, two years ago, the company released its xR technology platform. Thus, the company says it efficiently removed many key challenges faced by broadcasters today. disguise xR, together with LED screens, graphics engines such as Unreal Engine and camera tracking, combines augmented and mixed reality elements. Therefore, the company says, it can deliver spectacular, photorealistic virtual graphics during live broadcasts.

Polygon Labs’ Cloud-Native Platform

Polygon Labs, meanwhile, offers a suite of software solutions and creative services. With that, it provides a powerful, cloud-native platform and turnkey services that have been trusted by broadcasters such as CNN, Univision, The Weather Channel and TV Globo. According to Polygon Labs, it dynamically controls and delivers Unreal Engine graphics with real-time data visualization via its cloud or on-prem solutions for very high-profile events. Indeed, such events include U.S. elections, the Olympics and the World Cup.

According to disguise, by adding Polygon Labs to its workflow, it will build integrations that enable xR studios to have access to a wider range of broadcast workflows that empower remote production and cloud-based collaboration. Users of both disguise and Polygon Labs will benefit from easy-to-manage, data-driven graphics workflows running fully native Unreal Engine. Moreover, there will be extended design and production capability for graphics.


“We are very proud and delighted to welcome Polygon Labs to the disguise team,” disguise’s CEO, Fernando Kufer, enthuses. In fact, Kufer describes this as a key turning point for the companies’ user communities, partners and customers. Moreover, he characterizes it as “…a huge step in our direction towards cloud and new media production workflows.” According to Kufer, “The future is cloud-based remote collaboration.” Importantly, he adds, disguise’s work with Polygon Labs will unlock a whole new level of productivity and connectivity for users.

disguise and Polygon Labs Joining Forces

Meanwhile, Grigory Mindlin, CEO at Polygon Labs, reflects on Polygon Labs’ years of business. “[We have] helped some of the biggest broadcasters turn data into engaging stories through powerful graphics and data visualization,” he declares. By joining forces with disguise, Mindlin continues, it will take Polygon Labs to the next chapter. Indeed, he says, it will “…accelerat[e] our journey towards graphics production workflows in the cloud.” Mindlin underscores a shared vision of, and passion for, delivering engaging visual experiences. That, he adds, “…will help us empower our users with a much more comprehensive solution to deliver the world’s most engaging storytelling graphics.”

In the months ahead, disguise and Polygon Labs will work closely together to build out an integrated workflow. In so doing, the principals will seek to give value to users across both platforms.

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