Watchfire Signs Unleashes Watchfire S16mm and Indoor 10mm LED Signs for Sports Venues

Watchfire Signs targets the sports venues market with two new LED signs — Watchfire S16mm and Indoor 10mm — for indoor and outdoor sports applications.

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Watchfire Signs Unleashes Watchfire S16mm and Indoor 10mm LED Signs for Sports Venues

The Watchfire S16mm LED sign is designed for outdoor sporting venues .

With the release of Watchfire S16mm and Indoor 10mm LED signs Watchfire Signs has expanded its footprint in the sports signage market.

The Watchfire S16mm LED sign is designed for outdoor sporting venues to provide the ultimate fan experience, according to the LED and digital billboard maker.

The sign features an ultra-high refresh rate of 4800 Hz and vivid, true-to-life images with 73.8 quintillion possible colors for smooth playback and broadcast-quality content.

The sign’s 160º horizontal viewing angle provides more uniform side viewing with a bright, crisp image.

More about the Watchfire S16mm from Watchfire Signs press release:

The Watchfire S16mm modules are universally sized, making design, upgrade and installation easy. Beveled modules and versatile mounting options make the S16mm an excellent choice as a video board within a scoreboard, an outfield panel or any spectacular installation.

Made for all-weather outdoor applications, LED modules are protected by encapsulation in silicone gel and are rated for temperature variations of -40º to 185º F.

Meanwhile, the Indoor 10mm sign is ideal for use in sports complexes, live event venues and any location with pedestrian crowds, according to the company. The sign’s high contrast LEDs deliver an ultra-wide 150º horizontal viewing angle for a clear image from virtually any seat in the house.

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Watchfire Indoor 10mm (click to enlarge)

More about the Indoor 10mm LED signs from press release:

The Indoor 10mm features a slim cabinet and versatile mounting options, making it compatible with many design integrations, including scoreboards and basic wall mount installations. The fanless design ensures quiet operation and beveled modules make it possible for unique architectural use around corners and curves.

All Watchfire signs come with Ignite content management software for creating and scheduling content. Ignite can be used with live video for instant replay or with Watchfire’s cloud-based software for control of multiple screens, according to the company.

Both solutions feature a content library of more than 1,000 EasyArt animations and still images, as well as access to diagnostics, data and RSS feeds with advanced scheduling options.