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23 Integrators Pledge to Tackle These Challenges They Expect to Face in 2016

Industry Leaders know there’s always more work to be done to stay on top. Here, they talk about how they’ll deal with 23 inevitable struggles that come their way in 2016.

What’s Behind That Glowing Holiday Window Display at Barneys New York?

Christie Digital design team works with retailer to once again bring spirit of the season to prominent storefront with 700 hand-blown choreographed ‘icicles.’

Christie Steals Spotlight on Star Wars Premiere Red Carpet

MicroTiles and LCD panels bring delight to fans excited to learn secrets behind “The Force Awakens.”

Students: We Don’t Know AV But ‘It Sounds Pretty Awesome’

Survey of college students reveals that AV integration isn’t on their career radar, but with a little education they could be all in.

Video Weekly News: Why You Should Be Excited About NSCA’s Ignite Program

The goal of the Ignite program is to make students aware that the AV industry exists, that it’s exciting and that it offers tremendous career opportunities.

Year in Review: Recapping the Industry’s Biggest News of 2015

It was a year that started with optimism, introduced us to Microsoft Surface Hub and ended with a flurry of acquisitions.

ESA, MSCA ‘Concerned’ by Ruling on Comcast Security Installations

Industry groups issue responses to Massachusetts Attorney General’s ruling that Comcast does not need a license or permit for security work.

There’s No Denying This Climate Change Projection Is For Real

For each virtual tree projected onto the Eiffel Tower during the United Nations Climate Conference, a real tree will be planted as part of a global reforestation project.

Sneak Peek at NSCA’s Plan to Reach High School Students and Ignite Fire on Recruitment

A pre-2016 Business & Leadership Conference look at why NSCA started, stopped and then accelerated its Ignite recruitment program.

New Wilson CEO Focusing on Enterprise-Grade Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Bruce Lancaster plans to bring focus and innovation, not to mention years of experience at Logitech Harmony, to his new post as CEO of Wilson Electronics.

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